Why you need to take a break from your caregiver duties

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Sep 23, 2014 8:30:00 AM

Being a caregiver can be a full time job. You may also have a full time job on top of being a caregiver to a loved one.  There are rarely any breaks or holidays, and you are on call constantly. Caregiver duties can really wear on a person.

However, it is important to take time for yourself.  “Me” time is necessary for the following reasons, just to name a few.

  • It is good for your loved ones to see that you care about your health. You can get so swept away in caring for others that you forget about yourself. If you show the people around you that you care about your health, they might try a little harder, too.
  • Taking even a few minutes to yourself will rejuvenate you, allowing you to be a better caregiver. Getting away for a break allows you to come back fresh and ready to take on all of your duties.
  • boomer-laptop-couchTaking some “me” time will help you with stress. Even a few minutes of reading, relaxing, or taking a hot bath, will remove some of the daily stresses that build up.
  • Let yourself get your emotions out. We often bottle up our emotions so that our family and friends do not realize how emotional that we are. Often, a few minutes to cry or scream will allow us to feel better. And that's totally okay.
  • Taking some “me” time allows you to be grateful for what you have. When you are caught up in caregiving, you are rushing around. When you have a few minutes, you might realize that you are truly blessed with your life. A few minutes away might allow you to miss your family and realize how much you really love them, even when things are stressful.
  • Sometimes, you need a few minutes to plan out their day. A few minutes will allow you to plan and set a schedule for the day. Often, this is accomplished in the early morning before anyone else gets up but it can be done at any time.  

“Me” time is very important for caregivers. Often, it is a selfless job that never ends. Even with help, we sometimes feel like we are the only ones who are taking care of our loved ones. Getting away may just be the break that you need to come back refreshed and ready to handle all of the stresses of life. You might also miss your family and realize how much they really mean to you. Getting “Me” time will help you to be the best caregiver that you could be!

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