Undiagnosed: Medical records are critical for diagnosis

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Jul 18, 2014 10:00:00 AM


In this day and age of the electronic medical record, far too many people make the incorrect assumption that every doctor, everywhere, is going to be able to access their complete medical history. Due to this unfortunate assumption, lots of patents don't keep their own copies of medical records.

For people fortunate enough to be mostly healthy through their lives, it may not seem like a problem. But should you develop a serious medical condition that you need to seek a diagnosis for, then access to medical information becomes an emergency.

Suffering While Undiagnosed: Medical Records Become Essential

Many severe medical issues are difficult to diagnose and patients can find themselves going to countless doctors trying to find an answer. It is extremely common with rare diseases to need to consult many healthcare professionals before receiving a diagnosis, and incomplete transfers of electronic medical records can further complicate this process causing unneeded suffering for the patient.

An undiagnosed patient can go through so many tests and procedures that it can be hard to keep track of and remember them all despite the fact they are the one going through it all. Multiple doctors being up to date on all of that information is unlikely, at best.

To make sure you are getting the best care you can, you need to take personal responsibility for making sure every doctor you see is up to date on your progress.

Eliminate Duplicate Procedures

When your latest doctor isn't up to speed on what the last few have done, then you may find yourself being subject to repeated test and procedures. This can significantly add to the cost of your healthcare and put you through more physical stress when you are already ill.

Having access to your records and keeping yourself familiar with them will help assure that every procedure you undergo actually helps you along your path to finding your diagnosis.

Even Doctors Aren't Perfect: Spotting Errors In Your Records

Despite doing their best to provide you with quality care, doctors and nurses are still human. In the busy and hectic environment healthcare professionals operate in, charting mistakes happen. Unless you keep and examine copies of your records, you may not know of an error on your chart and that can cause chaos in an already difficult process.

A recent survey of CareSync Plus members showed that over a third found significant errors in their records. More than half reported finding errors and omissions.

These are just a few of the reasons why having physical copies of your medical record in your possession is so important when you have an undiagnosed illness. Even if you are perfectly healthy right now, you never know what life is going to throw at you. Start taking charge of your own health care path and get copies of your medical records today. Visit CareSync to learn more about how we're helping patients and caregiver access and understand their medical records.

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