Travel Safe: The Easy Way to Pack Your Medical Records

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Jan 8, 2015 8:00:00 AM


When our busy lives allow us time to travel, we want to make the most of it! One of the ways to ensure you have the best possible experience traveling is by making sure you are as healthy as you can be. This means visiting a doctor and getting vaciniations specific to your travel destination, making sure you are up to date on routine immunizations, and having your medical records with you - which can make a life-saving difference. 

Most of us don't expect to ever need healthcare information while on vacation - but it's always important to anticipate the need. Medical emergencies can happen anywhere you go, from getting altitude sickness on a ski trip, to contracting malaria on a trip to Africa. When you're placed in these emergency situations, having access to your medical records is crucial. 

There's a lot on our minds as we pack for traveling. Do you have the right clothes? Enough sunblock? Does everyone else in your family have what they need? Even worse is when you finally arrive at your destination and realize that you left something important at home. With all of these things to remember, how can you keep track of your medical records on vacation?

With CareSync, there's no need to worry. All of your medical records are in the palm of your hand (or the screen of your laptop)! CareSync gets all of a user's medical records from all of their providers, and enters the data in a way that makes it accessible, meaningful to the patient, collaborative so family and caregivers can help participate, convenient with tools to easily share, and care coordination services to help prepare your healthcare tasks before your upcoming travels.

To learn more, visit our website, It's free to use the application, and the CareSync Plus health concierge services are offered at a variety of prices to fit every budget.

As you begin the New Year, plan for travel the safe and smart way! 

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