Tracking your meds. And vitamins.

Posted by Courtney Larned

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Jul 9, 2014 8:30:00 AM

Recently, CareSync launched an entirely new way to track medications and supplements. We looked at a ton of tracking apps (across all industries) and talked to a ton of people who are responsible for tracking things (mostly medications). We talked to patients young and old, caregivers (also young and old) and people who are just really into tracking things. Track_your

During this process, we learned what types of apps were helping people successfully track things.  And which were not. We know we've got a way to go to make our tracking information truly useful (more on that, very soon), we've built something that current users are really excited about.

What do we do differently?

  • Unlike other solutions that are just for medication tracking, our med tracking is incorporated with your medical records, plus other day-to-day information that you record in CareSync. Whether you are a DIY-CareSync'er, or rely on CareSync's Health Assistants to do the records retrieval and organization for you, you can easily set up your medication reminders.
  • About those (or caregivers) set the schedule.  Get alerts when it's time to pop that pill.
  • Family and other caregivers also get alerts - whether it's to remind you, or to nudge you to take that pill you didn't record taking at noon - your caregivers get to help encourage you to stay on track.
  • Medications, supplements, and more are already built into CareSync - easily add your list of medications and supplements to CareSync - recommended doses for each med will be offered.  This may not seem like a big deal, but it makes the information super useful when you share it back with your doctor.
  • Tracking "as needed" medications.  It's almost more important to track things like Tylenol, and that emergency Xanax - it'll help caregivers and doctors better understand your pain (or anxiety).

Tracking your meds requires some behavioral shifts, at least it has for me.  It's not my default to swallow the vitamin then punch the experience into my phone.  But, while I don't give myself any big prizes for a week-long streak of remembering to take my Fish Oil, my 8 year old who takes vitamins and a Claritin every day is REALLY motivated to take his meds and track it every day. There is a Lego prize at the end of a successful month of tracking!

Whether you are the patient, the caregiver, the supplement taker, or the Lego enthusiast desperate for a new set, track your meds today. All of CareSync's applications are free to download and use.  Sign up for free here, or click the big button below!

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