Be Smart About Exercising in the Heat

Posted by The CareSync Team

Aug 18, 2016 4:26:20 PM

It’s amazing, the commitment people have to being outdoors, even in this sweltering heat. Playing golf, going to the ballpark, fishing, boating, laying on the beach. How does that NOT feel like you’re a pizza baking in a brick oven? But exercising in this heat? You’ve obviously got the will, but are you doing it the right way?

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Ensuring Patients Have What They Need

Posted by The CareSync Team

Aug 4, 2016 5:23:57 PM

During a care call, a CareSync Health Assistant asked a member how things were going with her blood sugar levels. The member explained she was unable to monitor her sugar because the pharmacy was telling her she needed a prescription for her test strips and glucometer, but she couldn’t locate the prescription.

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Topics: share your health stories, medication & treatments, chronic care management (CCM), patients

Glaucoma: Spot It Early, Treat It Sooner

Posted by The CareSync Team

Aug 2, 2016 1:55:07 PM

Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that causes damage to the eye’s optic nerve. It can result in partial vision loss or eventual blindness. While glaucoma can’t be cured, there are steps you can take to catch it early and treatments your eye doctor can prescribe to prevent or limit vision loss.

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Help for a Member Struggling With Depression

Posted by The CareSync Team

Jul 22, 2016 1:44:17 PM

When she lost someone she loved, she didn't even want to leave the house anymore. Luckily, she had someone who cared.

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Sleep: Why We Need It and How to Get It

Posted by Russell Dumas, BSN, RN

Jul 13, 2016 9:06:18 AM

When you think of what makes a person healthy, the first things that come to mind are probably a healthy diet and exercise. But did you know that getting enough sleep is also critical to your health and well-being?

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Topics: sleep disorders, patients, health tips

Yes, We Really Do Take Your Calls at All Hours

Posted by CareSync Nursing Team

Jul 8, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Most of us think of things we need to remember to do or questions we want to ask at the worst possible time. Thankfully, CareSync is always there.

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Topics: share your health stories, medical records, mHealth, patients, Heart of CareSync, CareSync company updates

An Inexpensive Way to Tackle Rising Healthcare Costs

Posted by CareSync Nursing Team

Jun 24, 2016 3:05:19 PM

Today, the average American family pays three times more for healthcare than they did in 2001. With healthcare costs rising faster than the consumer price index, it’s a smart move to put CareSync in your corner.

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Topics: share your health stories, medical records, mHealth, patients, healthcare costs & insurance, Heart of CareSync

6 Ways to Slow Alzheimer's

Posted by The CareSync Team

Jun 17, 2016 11:29:34 AM

Alzheimer’s Disease, the most common cause of dementia, is not a normal part of aging. This unforgiving disease destroys an individual’s mental functions and can create significant emotional stress for the individuals who have it and the people who care about them.

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My Doctor Believed Me! Why I Carry My Medical Records on My Phone

Posted by The CareSync Team

Jun 14, 2016 11:49:04 AM

When a new doctor doesn’t have your medical history, it can feel like you’re starting over from scratch, trying to remember and share every important test, medication and detail from your past experiences. That’s not ideal for either of you.

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Topics: share your health stories, medical records, doctor's appointments, Medicare, care coordination, patients, Heart of CareSync

Get to Know Care Coordination

Posted by The CareSync Team

Jun 2, 2016 4:47:49 PM

If you’ve been hearing a lot about chronic care management, coordinated care, or even your doctor wanting to prescribe one of these for you, there is good reason. Medicare is changing the way they pay doctors, giving them more reasons to focus on quality of service, and paying for health benefits like coordinated care to improve patient health.

This is all really great news for you! Here’s why.

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