Tips to Help Collaboratively Manage Health

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Feb 25, 2014 2:00:00 PM

Managing someone's health is a team sport! It often involves multiple people, hundreds (if not thousands) of miles in between the caregivers and their loved one, and busy schedules that need to be coordinated.


For many, caregiver duties can be a full time job. Often on top of a real full time job.

If you are working with multiple people to manage the health of a loved one in your care, the support typically feels like a blessing. However, it's far from easy, so here are some tips to collaboratively manage health to keep things organized and running smoothly:

Keeping Track of the Medication List

One of the more difficult tasks of caregiving is remembering which medicines to dispense at what time of day. These medications are often changing; keeping an organized medication list with you at all times can help ease this process. When there are multiple people involved in managing care, it's best to have medication information organized in a single place, in a way that is easily shareable.

Establish a Care Team Lead

Even though caregiving is a team sport, every team needs a leader! Make sure that there is one person in charge and can handle major changes in care. This person is typically the primary caregiver and can provide general oversight to make sure the patient is satisfied with their care, that tasks are assigned appropriately to the entire care team, and that information is accurate and up-to-date.

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

Managing someone's care may involve multiple caregivers, nurses, and physicians. It is important to keep everyone on the same page and informed of any changes. Even if the entire team can't physically be together at the same time, it is important to maintain regular communication.

Keep Up-to-Date Copies of Medical Records

When you are managing care for someone else, it's important to have access to their healthcare information. With 70% of specialist appointments not being as effective as they could be because of the lack of medical information, it becomes important to have access to your loved one's medical records from all of their providers. Being able to concisely share that information with all of the providers involved in their care is integral to getting the most from every medical visit.

Maintain a Running List of Tasks & Questions

Oftentimes questions arise throughout the week when caregiving, but by the time you are sitting in front of the doctor, it can be hard to retrieve that information. Keep a collaborative running list of questions that you have been meaning to ask the doctor. This will be a great reference for your next in-person meeting with your loved one's doctor. caregiver-old-lady-hand-5

Always Have a Backup

If not managed well, caregiving can become a ball and chain instead of a wonderful opportunity to spend time with and care for a loved one. Always be training a backup that can step in a few days a month to offer relief to the primary caregivers. This person can take over to make sure that the caregiver is also taking care of him/herself as well!

Managing health is hard work. Leverage not only your friends and family, but tools and solutions to help carry the burden that comes with managing a loved one's health. CareSync was designed and built by people who serve as caregivers and recognize the challenges that come with managing illness for a loved one. Our collaboration-focused web, iOS, and Android applications, combined with care coordination services help alleviate much of the burden that comes with taking care of a loved one.

  • Access to up-to-date medical information, including health conditions, medications, and allergies.
  • Care Reports™ that are easily shared with two clicks--send to providers, other caregivers, specialists, and other providers such as physical therapists. Share as much or as little of the health record as necessary with the people who need access to the information.
  • Collaboration tools to help manage task lists, notes, questions to ask during visits, and even the ability to voice record a provider's instructions; so they entire care team has access.

To learn more about CareSync as a resource for those helping manage a loved one's care, click the button below.

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