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Posted by Lisa Bond

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Apr 17, 2014 8:30:00 AM

Is your pet an important member of your family? How do you manage his healthcare?

Oddjob is our family's Labradoodle, security guard, and frequent food thief. I want to take good care of him, I want to stay on top of his meds, and I definitely want to make sure we don't have any flare-ups from his outrageous wheat allergy. Oddjob has his place in our CareSync record. Here are some ways CareSync is taking care of him for us:


Health Summary

The Current Health Summary has everything I need to see, from his vet's info to his flea/heartworm medicine (which requires peanut butter administration) to his allergy (don't even ask). His grooming info is even in there. With a simple click, I can send his info to whoever needs it--groomer, veterinarian, in-laws...

Oddjob's original papers, license, shot records--they're all in CareSync. I can access them at anytime (do you really ever have this stuff when you need it?) and fax from my phone (for quick documentation on the spot).



Our dog has a horrible wheat allergy that requires specific food brands and content. Less we burn bridges and lose our petsitting in-law privileges, I am very clear about the triggers, reactions, and required food.



Medication & Task Reminders


The bane of existence for many pet owners is medications. I've got scars from administering pills to cats and fleas from forgetting preventative meds. CareSync has medication reminders that pop up on my smartphone--brilliant! I have tasks set up for his Trifexis and to make appointments for annual checkups & grooming, too.

Being a (pet) caregiver is easy with CareSync, and his information is always right there with the rest of the family health information.

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