The Gap Between The Shining Vision At Health IT Conferences And What Patients And Doctors Experience Today

Posted by Travis Bond

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Oct 15, 2014 3:10:45 PM


We were interested to note this article

 from Tricorder XPRIZE judge and Galileo Analytics co-founder Anna McCollister-Slipp, on the slow progress in creating a truly digital health environment in which patients and doctors would have easy access to medical records and benefit from data analysis insights.

McCollister-Slipp assesses the current Health IT situation as a "grim reality." And in some ways, it is. Her laundry list of needed improvements is absolutely right, and we agree with her conclusion: all of this is fixable. The light at the end of the tunnel is indeed visible, even if not yet close enough to provide a bit of warmth.

Technological change is moving more slowly than we'd like in the healthcare sector, not because we don't know what to do, but because real change involves human behavior. Nearly all chronic disease patients, however, as well as caregivers, need solutions that make their lives easier right now. Trying to compile those binders full of medical records and imaging DVDs when you aren't feeling well is pretty tough, and getting doctors to look at them is even harder.

Which is why it's more important than ever to provide solutions for consumers like we offer at CareSync, combining the technology and security of our 24/7 digitally accessible app with caring and expert customer service from real human beings who can find, organize, digitize and update patient medical records from multiple doctors and hospitals, make doctor's appointments and remind you when they're coming up.

It's a lifesaver for patients and caregivers, a truly helpful employee benefit, and for doctors and medical practices, a great leg up on the care coordination needed to help patients while meeting the Affordable Care Act's Meaningful Use requirements.

An easier day is coming, but it isn't here yet. Your health can't wait.

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