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Posted by Courtney Larned

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Feb 18, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Last week, I had the wonderful opportunity to have hand surgery, in attempts to rebuild one of the fingers I broke from my January running fall. I've mentioned it briefly on here in the past, but I have a small neuro condition that, controlled with daily meds, rarely bothers me, so I don't really think about it much.

However, it became really imporant to think about it when I met with the anesthesiologist, about 20 minutes before my surgery started last Monday. Anesthesia. Neurology. Meds. Those things were incredibly important to the doctor responsible for my upcoming sedation, and he didn't have access to my past medical history.


I had shared my health summary with my orthopedic team, directly from CareSync, and my neurologist had signed off on the procedure, but the anesthesiologist needed some additional information to put his concerns to rest. Keep in mind here, I've already spent hours hooked up to an IV, have taken antiobiotics, and have friends and family who have changed their daily routines to help me. I need to have this procedure done--he needs to get this information.

Of course, being the engaged and equipped patient that I am, I was able to access my CareSync account, and pull up my entire health history.

From there, I simply filtered the report by choosing Hemiplegic Migraine and Headaches, the two health conditions important to the doctor:


I clicked View & Share and chose to only send the history report for my relevant condition.

Voila! All past visits related to hemiplegic migraine and headaches, with concise summaries, are on one simple report.


I clicked Fax, and the report was instantly sent to the nurses' station, where the anesthesiologist (still slightly in disbelief) went to retrieve it. He had access to the Plan and Assessments from all of my past neurology appointments, the results of past labs, MRIs, and procedures, and was quickly able to review the relevant information; now educated to provide the best care for me and my unique needs.

He was truly blown away by how easily I was able to share that information with him, and how it allowed him to "know" a patient that he meets just a few minutes before treating them. The filtered report gave him access to only the information he needed...he didn't need to know about my sinus infection in November, or the chiropractor appointments I go to every week.

To date, my engaged patient experiences have almost all been completely wonderful, but to experience the excitement of this doctor, just because he had access to up-to-date, relevant information that made him better at doing his job, was this phenomenal source of empowerment for me.

Have you had a chance to share your CareSync filtered health history yet? What was the response from your provider?

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