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Jun 25, 2015 1:09:25 PM

Hi!  I am a product manager at CareSync, and I love using it for my family.  We’re quite healthy, so aside from well visits and an ongoing ear infection the dog can’t shake, I haven’t had to use it for anything major.

Last week, though, some kidney stone complications sent me to the ER, then I was admitted for four lovely nights in a luxury hospital ensuite (I jest).  It wasn’t fun, but it was an enlightening field trip for me.

Errors Happen.Patients can have a really difficult time finding errors in their records which are almost certainly going to happen at one point or another.

We find lots of errors in patient records, but I didn’t realize the direct impact on the patient experience.  I was marked as a diabetic, so I was put on an aspartame-filled diet and my finger was stuck every four hours.  Another error in my history made them second-guess treatment options, which was more concerning.  I had to learn to speak up and make sure the corrections were made.

I Wasn’t Alert.  

I test CareSync every day, use reminders for my vitamins, and track vitals regularly.  I’m alert when I do that, though.  I was surprised at how difficult it was to pull up a simple medication list when handicapped with a 103 fever.

CareSync Card?  

I think a CareSync ID card would have been great--they could have called my CareSync Health Assistant and exchanged information while I enjoyed my pain meds. Is this something that would help you all?

I Was Too Tired.  

Pain tracking is one of my favorite features in CareSync, so I decided I should track the headaches I was having.  Guess what?  When you’re in pain, every click hurts.  (Also, if pain got you to the ER, don’t say it’s a 6.)

Doses May Change.  

The hospital doled out my regular medication doses each day, but guess what?  The illness (and being catatonic for a week) made the medication exacerbate my condition. After a few days, I started listening to my body, and it turns out I don’t need that medication anymore.

Extension Cords = Gold.  

Seriously, you need it for your cell phone.

Nurses Were Awesome.  

Doctors come in & out, maybe spend five minutes on you.  The nurses know everything clinical about you and actually care to know more.  Be clear about what you need and want, and they’ll make it happen. They went out of their way to get my fever down without meds, and were responsible for getting me discharged a day early.  If you go to the hospital, make friends with these people ASAP.

Records Make Life Easier.  

My discharge papers were super, but I had lab values that were very far off, and I needed to track them.  Sending my complete record ahead to my family doc made the follow-up visit AMAZINGLY productive.

Say No When You Want To.  

It’s okay to say no to extra tests, to the 400 people who want to survey your stay, and about half the other things that happen in the hospital.  If you’re not comfortable with something, talk to your doctor or nurse. Some people even put a sign on the door to make their wishes known.

Say Yes to F&F.  

I tend to say no to help, but my family rallied and took care of everything for me.  Friends & co-workers came to visit, and I was surprised how nice it was to get my mind off how I was feeling and just chat & giggle.

My time in the field was precious to me, and I have new respect for the simplicity people need when they’re not feeling well.  We’re working on making it easier to get things done in CareSync--and seeing if CareSync can do more of that work for you—so you can focus on feeling better.

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