How Important is Sleep, Really?

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Mar 4, 2015 9:30:00 AM

459097117There's no doubt about it: our days are busy, and they seem to only keep getting busier! 

To free up our hectic schedules, we can sometimes cut corners on our health in attempts to give us more time in the day. These shortcuts can be dangerous, however, and they always catch up with us. When we skip breakfast to sleep in, we damage our metabolism. When we skip flossing before bed, we increase levels of bacteria in our mouth. And when most of us neglect to get our proper amount of shuteye, it catches up with us as well. 

This week in March is Sleep Awareness Week, and to observe it, here are 7 facts from The National Sleep Foundation you may not know about sleep:

1. Humans are the only mammal that willingly delay sleep.

2. Exercising can help you to regularly fall asleep, as well as sleep more soundly. However, exercising right before bed can give you trouble falling asleep, so try to schedule your workouts in the morning if you can. 

3. The "right" number of hours of sleep to get varies for each person. In general, most adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. However, some people can function without drowsiness off of 6 hours of sleep, while some people need at least 10 hours to feel fully rested. 

4. It's natural to feel tired at two times of the day - around 2:00 AM and 2:00 PM. This natural dip in alertness is what can make you feel that "post-lunch dip."

5. 37 million Americans regularly suffer from sleep disruption due to snoring!

6. While humans dream during REM sleep, scientists still do not (and may never) know if animals dream.

7. Those who don't get enough sleep are more likely to to have larger appetites because of their low leptin levels, which increases their appetite. 


It is also important to note that when you consistently don't get enough sleep each night, your immune levels lower, making you more susceptible to sickness. Remind yourself about the importance of sleep in your daily Care Plan as part of the CareSync app, and find out more about how CareSync can help you track how your moods, pain, and medications. CareSync has a wide variety of features to help you better manage your health which you can view here

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