Hobbies for Seniors: Find a New Hobby In Retirement

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Mar 19, 2018 4:23:56 PM

After retirement is a great time to explore hobbies for seniors.Retirement can be a great opportunity to take advantage of your newfound leisure moments to create, learn, and connect in both new and familiar ways. Use your time in retirement to explore a variety of hobbies for seniors (or those who are young at heart). Here are a few suggestions you might enjoy.

Americans are living longer and in better circumstances according to the National Institute on Aging. Advances in medicine, healthcare, and technology give us much to be thankful for, but there is also a need to enjoy this time; a desire to have quality in these extra years, not just quantity.

Keep your mind active through hobbies for seniors

Older adults are often clued up on the importance of great nutrition and regular physical activity, but there is perhaps less advice on how to combat one of the other great challenges of growing older: how to keep your mind active and ensure you feel fulfilled.

In the workplace or when raising a family, there are plenty of tasks, goals and ambitions to achieve. Post retirement, it can perhaps be difficult to feel so useful. This is where hobbies come into their own. Your golden years can be a time to shine!

Create beauty with arts and crafts

Art is one of the leading hobbies for seniors.

Coloring is no longer just for kids! There has been a huge rise recently in the popularity of arts and crafts among adults, as well as the availability a large quantity and variety of coloring books for adults. A brilliantly low cost hobby, coloring or painting gives a sense of satisfaction and calmness.

Similarly, home crafts such as knitting or sewing can bring great pleasure as they allow you to create something new, while also keeping the mind and fingers busy! You could start with a straightforward guide to beginner's sewing machines.

Try gardening as a hobby, indoors or outdoors

You may also like to embrace your nurturing side and try gardening, with raised flower beds for ease of access outdoors, or small indoor pots for color and vibrancy in your living space. Creating anything from indoor herb gardens to outdoor landscapes that brighten your home’s curb appeal can bring a real sense of achievement.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ergonomic gardening tools available that can make gardening easier on arthritic hands and knees, and gardening equipment that allows those with joint pain to still foster their green thumbs. You can read this article, which describes several options, including raised garden beds and planters, garden kneeling benches and scooters, and ergonomic garden hoses and hand tools.  

Get into the swing of things

After retirement, golf can provide a great athletic venue and is one of the leading hobbies for seniors.

At last, you have the time to improve that golf swing! Or perhaps you’ve always fancied trying fishing, bowling, photography, pottery, or Pilates? You might even like to learn how to code - that’ll impress the grandchildren!

The point is, with fewer external demands on your time, now is the perfect opportunity to try something new. Hobbies that help keep you physically active or prompt you to enjoy the outdoors have the added bonus of keeping you moving and out in the fresh air.

Establish connections through hobbies for seniors

Aside from the personal satisfaction of being creative or taking up a new challenge, hobbies bring with them the opportunity to connect socially.

Feeling isolated or lonely can lead to anxiety and depression, and is a growing concern for seniors, who have so much to offer in terms of experience and stories.

Joining clubs or hobby groups puts you in touch with like-minded individuals and immediately gives you something to talk about with others.

Explore a variety of hobbies for seniors

With the time and opportunity to create, learn, and connect, your senior years can really be a chance to flourish. Perhaps you’ll revisit an old favorite hobby, or surprise yourself by picking up a new one. Start exploring your options today and enjoy a glow of pride in your golden years.

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