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Jan 5, 2017 11:15:00 AM

Keeping your medical records together can save you from a ton of wasted time and headaches.One way to help ensure the best health for you and your family is to get everyone’s medical records and information collected and organized. Having accurate and updated health information on hand can be beneficial in many ways and situations.

Lost in Transition

Switching doctors or, even worse, moving out of an area and having to find multiple new providers can create headaches when your medical paperwork doesn't get transferred over from one place to the next.

Keep digital copies of your and your family's medical records, including previous diagnoses, immunizations for yourself and your children, lists of medications, and any testing that has been done in the past.

Being able to access and share this information quickly can make switching doctors a breeze instead of a hassle.

Staying On Schedule

Log your appointments immediately so you don't forget about them!Sure, the doctor will hand you an appointment card to remind you of your next visit. But how often does that appointment card end up buried in your purse, wallet, or trash bin? It's important for these dates to go on the calendar immediately so you can plan for them in advance, rather than waiting for a confirmation call the day before to remember them.

Further, if you're managing your entire family's medical records and schedules, you need to stay organized to make sure you aren't double-booking appointments and you aren’t missing important tests or treatments.

Tracking Your Symptoms

Sometimes aches and pains are more than just symptoms of old age or par for the course. Keeping a running list of all the symptoms you and your family members experience throughout the year can be incredibly helpful in giving doctors an accurate picture of your health. The more complete your medical history, the better equipped your doctor will be to make a proper diagnosis and start a treatment plan.

The CareSync app helps you keep all of your medical records in one place, that you can access anytime.

Did that cough start two days ago or has he had it for a month? When exactly did that pain first show up? What kinds of patterns are you seeing in your blood sugar levels?

Keeping track of your medical records is a snap with the CareSync app.The more details you can share about your symptoms, the better and faster your doctor may be able to take action.

Help is Available

Getting your appropriate medical information together and organizing it in a way that makes sense can do wonders for your family's well-being, but don't worry about taking on such a project alone. CareSync’s healthcare application and care coordination services make it easier to collect and keep track of medical records, schedule and remember doctor’s appointments, and understand and manage chronic conditions.

Take charge of your family’s medical history. Let CareSync help.

Download our free CareSync app to access and update health records on any of your mobile devices, 24/7/365.

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