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Posted by Courtney Larned

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May 23, 2014 8:00:00 AM

One of the coolest events in healthcare each year is Health Datapalooza, and we are incredibly excited to be participating in a number of activities and events during the June 1-3 conference in Washington, DC. healthdatapalooza

It's on my list of favorites, personally, because it brings together all of the stakeholders in healthcare, including companies building innovative and disruptive solutions, the government, academia, hospitals & providers, payers, and probably most importantly, patients and caregivers.

The event is put on by the Health Data Consortium, and is a national gathering focused on liberating data to improve health outcomes. This is obivously something we are pretty passionate about!

The most exciting thing that we have going on over the three days will be Tuesday morning, when we get to present CareSync on the main stage.

Amy Gleason, our chief operating officer, will be demonstrating how CareSync puts the power of health information into the hands of the patient with our unique combination of web & mobile applications plus concierge-like services.

The other companies who will be presenting their solutions on stage are Actual Meds (we met them at HIMSS, back in February!), Social Health Insights, Maxwell Health, and Purple Binder. Each company represents a different segment in presenting the progress and potential of health data, and this group was narrowed down from over 100 applications, and a thorough audition process.

This year, my primary role will be to interact with attendees at the CareSync booth in the exhibit hall. Sharing our solution with the world is, quite possibly, the best part of my job.

In addition to the Apps Demo and exhibiting, we'll be featured in the event's Genius Bar, and other demonstrations, including Travis Bond's CareSync presentation at 4:00 on Monday, June 2, in the exhibit hall. Shoot us a note, or tweet us @caresync if you'll be at the event in DC - we'd love to have you swing by the booth to say hi and see the latest and greatest things in CareSync.

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This year? I am hoping to not do this.

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