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Dec 31, 2014 5:31:00 PM


Happy New Year, everyone! The CareSync wish for you in 2015:

C oordinated care for your loved ones, so it never again happens that a doctor makes a mistake because he or she didn't know what another doctor had already discovered, or a patient had many times experienced;
A ccess 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to your medical records, no matter how many doctors you have, how many hospitals you've been treated at, or how many labs you've visited for medical tests;
R espect: for patients, we hope every doctor and medical professional remembers you need to know all your choices, and the impact that each could have on your individual goals. For doctors, we hope patients remember you're only human, and together you'll work toward the very best choices and outcomes;
E very medication you're currently taking, organized in a list that tells you who prescribed each medicine and why, what the dosage should be, and how often you are supposed to take it;
S iblings and others working together to care for an ailing family member: we're in there pulling for you, with our app and services for building and sharing the care plan, scheduling tasks and doctor's appointments, and addressing the patient's individual needs;
Y es: the answer you should hear every time you ask your doctor for a copy of his or her notes from a visit to doctor, and, any time you ask a lab or hospital for a copy of your tests;
N o: the answer you should not hear when you ask "Could you tell me more about this drug and how it is supposed to help patients like me? What kind of side effects does it have and how they interact with any other drugs I am taking or conditions I have or am at risk for having?"
C aring doctors, nurses, physician's assistants and physical therapists who can help you when you need help, and teach you how to help yourself when you're on your own.

To a fantastic 2015,

The CareSync Team

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