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What Inspired You to Become a Nurse? [VIDEO]

Posted by The CareSync Team

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Apr 9, 2018 12:57:09 PM

CareSync Nurse Maritza answers the question, "What inspired you to become a nurse?" in this video.Being a great nurse takes a committed and passionate individual. One of the nurses here at CareSync discusses what made her originally decide to pursue the field of nursing and how her unique experiences at CareSync have provided her with the opportunity to feel more fulfilled in her desire to have an impact on healthcare.

Becoming a nurse is a large commitment because of the nature of the profession. It can be an exciting, rewarding career, but nursing and other healthcare industry positions also have a number of unique challenges. It's a good idea to reflect on your reasons for becoming a nurse to help you remain focused and motivated.

Maritza has been a nurse for several years, and she knew for quite a while that she wanted to work in the healthcare field. In the video below, she discusses her answer to the question, "What inspired you to become a nurse?". She also touches upon how she has been able to stay true to her original motivations, what being a nurse means to her and her family, and why she feels fulfilled in her career as a nurse.

Share in the comments below your own story of what inspired you to become a nurse. To see more information and resources for nurses, click here



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