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Second Opinion Becomes a Second Chance: A Heart of CareSync Story

Posted by The CareSync Team

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Apr 13, 2017 5:05:50 PM

Woman with back pain.jpgEnsuring your patients have easy access to their medical records is useful for many reasons, such as being able to share their health history with a caregiver or emergency responder. But as one CareSync member and her family recently learned, it has the potential to be valuable in ways you might not readily expect.  

Pain Without Explanation

A daughter, whose mother is a member of CareSync, was concerned that the pain her mother was experiencing in her back wasn’t improving. Her mother had been seeing a chiropractor for the pain and had X-rays taken and other tests, but they had found nothing.

Heart_of_Caresync_logo.jpgThe daughter mentioned her concern to a physician who was able to access the mother’s record through CareSync. He saw something on a radiology scan that concerned him so he suggested another scan be taken a little further up. The second scan revealed what the physician had suspected: there was a mass.

A biopsy was performed and the mass was found to be cancerous. Surgery followed to successfully remove it.

Today, the mother is cancer free and pain free. The daughter attributes this happy outcome to having instant access to the first scan through the CareSync platform, which allowed her to quickly arrange a second opinion on her mother’s behalf.

Behind the Scenes

On a daily basis at CareSync, we see firsthand how dedicated our clinical services team is to providing members with personalized, compassionate care coordination. But particularly when we hear success stories like this, we are reminded of just how valuable all their behind the scenes efforts are… the work that goes into ensuring each member’s medical records are easy to access, complete, and accurate.

CareSync™ provides care coordination that follows your preferences and protocols. 

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