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Physician Satisfaction Survey Shows Impact of Work Environment

Posted by The CareSync Team

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Oct 10, 2017 6:30:00 AM

A recent physician satisfaction survey shows that improving work environment can reduce physician burnout.A recent physician satisfaction survey revealed that even simple fixes like improvements in the work environment can make a meaningful difference in reducing physician burnout and decreasing practice turnover.

Can practices increase physician job satisfaction by creating a healthier and happier work environment? Can healthcare organizations focus on things that are not that difficult to fix - such as making improvements to the work environment - and still expect to achieve measurable, positive results, such as a reduction in physician burnout, a decrease in staff turnover rates, and an increase in productivity? A new study published in Health Affairs suggests they can!

In the study, 168 physicians and advanced practice providers in 34 medical practices weighed in on the subject of job satisfaction and happiness. Data from a previous Healthy Work Place trial was compared to data from the same respondents approximately one year later. Researchers involved in the study found that job satisfaction or finding joy in the medical practice was indeed positively impacted by what physicians considered to be a good work environment.

Abstract From the Physician Satisfaction Survey

Concerns about helping physician burnout decrease were part of a recent physician satisfaction survey.

The following is an abstract from “The Practice of Medicine: Joy in the Medical Practice: Clinician Satisfaction in the Healthy Work Place Trial,” published this month.

To better understand how clinicians’ job satisfaction relates to work conditions and outcomes for clinicians and patients, we examined data from the Healthy Work Place trial. Data were collected from physicians and advanced practice providers at baseline and approximately one year later. At baseline, 74 percent of respondents indicated job satisfaction. Satisfaction was associated with less chaos, more cohesion, better communication, and closer values alignment at work, but not with higher-quality care or fewer medical errors. At follow-up, the respondents with satisfaction data then and at baseline who indicated increased satisfaction (16 percent of these respondents) were almost three times more likely to report improved burnout scores and over eight times as likely to indicate reduced intention to leave their practices, compared to the clinicians whose satisfaction did not increase. These findings confirm that clinicians’ job satisfaction is related to remediable work conditions and suggest that it may be an important metric for clinical practices and practice organizations.

A PDF of the full study related to the physician satisfaction survey is available for download from Health Affairs for a small fee.

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