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Just in Time: A Heart of CareSync Story

Posted by The CareSync Team

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Jun 14, 2017 11:20:28 AM

ambulance.jpgWhen care coordinators call patients to check in on them as part of a Chronic Care Management program, sometimes it happens at just the right moment.

A CareSync Health Assistant was making a regular care call to a member on behalf of a cardiology practice client. Initially, she spoke with the member’s wife, but once the member got on the phone, the Health Assistant realized he didn’t sound well and she could hardly understand him. He would only say a few words and then stop.

The Health Assistant requested to speak with the wife again and asked her if she had thought about taking her husband to the hospital. The wife hesitated and stated they had appointments coming up, but she couldn’t remember when or with whom. The Health Assistant then asked her if she would be willing to speak to a nurse and the wife agreed.

heart-of-caresync-943x486-whitebg.jpgWith the nurse on the phone, the wife explained that they had just left Florida to move northeast to be closer to family and that the trip had proved to be quite difficult for her husband. She went on to say that her husband was having some trouble breathing and that it had progressively worsened. The nurse asked to speak with the member directly. Once she heard him on the phone, she realized that even while he was on oxygen, his breathing was very labored with grunting.

The nurse then spoke with the wife again and asked if they had a pulse oximeter at home, which they did. The wife placed it on her husband’s finger as instructed and gave the nurse the readings. Initially, the result was 98, but within one minute it dropped to 83. The nurse advised the wife that her husband needed to be seen at the hospital right away. An ambulance was called and the nurse told the member's wife she would follow up with her the next day.

The next morning, the wife called CareSync early to let us know that her husband had been admitted to the hospital. She wanted the CareSync team to know “her husband was alive” thanks to the CareSync service calling and checking in on them. Because the couple is permanently moving up North, the wife said they would speak with their new doctor about CareSync and encourage him to become involved with CareSync's services. The wife said she had never heard of a service like CareSync before, but is thankful that we were there to save her husband’s life.

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