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Implementing Value-Based Care: A Top Concern of Health System CEOs

Posted by The CareSync Team

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Aug 29, 2017 5:19:47 PM

Article on implementing value-based care from CareSync.Recently in Modern Healthcare, Steve Burrill, Vice Chairman, U.S. Health Care Providers Leader for Deloitte LLP, shared thoughtful insights in his article, "What keeps health system CEOs up at night?"

Burrill noted that when Deloitte surveyed 20 CEOs from large health systems about their biggest concerns for the changing healthcare market, they found CEOs were more focused on how they would tackle "what's now" rather than "what's next."

Uncertainty About Healthcare Policy Changes and More

“Many top concerns are compounded by uncertainty around the new administration, Congress, and the future direction of federal healthcare policy,” Burrill wrote.

Some of the biggest concerns shared in the Deloitte survey included preparing for potentially changing Medicaid reimbursement models and other policy issues, implementing value-based care and population health, and maintaining or improving margins. But despite current uncertainty and continued debate about healthcare reform, Burrill pointed out there are three "no regrets" pursuits, as he calls them, that health systems and hospitals can still consider.

CCM As Part of Implementing Value-Based Care

One of those pursuits - reducing cost and inefficiencies across the health system - is something we all play a part in as we continue to move toward implementing value-based care. The more we can find new ways to deliver care efficiently and effectively while reducing the overall cost of care, the more we’ll be able to deliver what the healthcare reimbursement models of today and tomorrow will be asking of us.

A huge step in the right direction for your practice? Implementing Chronic Care Management. It’s an excellent way to add patient services, expand access to care, improve patient health, increase practice revenue, and prepare for success with MACRA and other value-based initiatives.

If you have questions about Chronic Care Management and care coordination, we’ve got answers! Call us at 800-501-2984 or email sales@caresync.com.

New report on CCM guidelines and care coordination: Read More

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