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Chronic Care Management: Choosing the Right Care Coordination Company

Posted by Kaerrie Hall

Oct 17, 2017 5:30:00 PM

Choosing the right care coordination company to implement Chronic Care Management at a practice is essential.To efficiently and effectively implement CCM in your practice, choosing the right care coordination company is critical. How can you ensure the expectations of the practice and your patients are exceeded?

When you choose a chronic care management company to act as a third party in implementing Medicare’s Chronic Care Management program for your patients, do you know what to look for? Here are some tips that can help you in choosing the right care coordination company to provide your CCM solution.

Ask Specific Questions About Chronic Care Management Delivery

Ask if the company’s chronic care coordinators will follow your preferences and protocols. It’s one thing to call on a patient to check in on them. It’s another thing to do it in a way that feels seamless, like it’s your practice and your nurses making the call.

How well do they meet Medicare’s CCM requirements? Do they exceed CCM regulations? What examples can they provide that demonstrate they go above and beyond for patients so you can expect they’ll do the same for yours? Do they have tangible evidence of how well they achieve CCM compliance?

How personalized is their chronic care management delivery? When they complete a comprehensive care plan for CCM, do they create individualized CCM care plans or just use disease-specific templates?

Determine The Level of CCM Support They Can Provide

Determining the level of Chronic Care Management support is important when choosing the right care coordination company.

How well do they handle follow-up with patients and follow-through on health specialists referrals or tests? Are they adept at closing the feedback loop?

How do they get valuable between-visit data about medication reconciliation, prescription adherence, and CCM care plan adherence back to you? Do they provide tools like chronic care management software apps that help collect and track healthcare data and show you how well patients are managing chronic conditions?

Have they been doing CCM long enough to demonstrate consistency in service excellence and efficiency? How well do they engage patients, family members, and caregivers? Do they have a history that shows they can deliver CCM service for you long-term and scale effectively with your growing business?

Consider The Experience Level of the Care Coordination Company

Determine the level of experience the care coordination services provider has with the Medicare CCM program and CCM codes. Do they have experience with both the original CCM code CPT® 99490 as well as complex CCM codes CPT 99487 and CPT 99489? Are they equipped to handle your most at-risk patients? Do they have the manpower to support all your patients sufficiently and be there for them consistently 24/7/365?

Determine How Well They Handle CCM Enrollment

Choosing the right care coordination company should include support of Chronic Care Management enrollment as a consideration.

How do they support CCM enrollment efforts both within and outside of the practice setting? Do they have care coordination solutions that allow you to take advantage of more flexible CCM enrollment options? For example, do they help you leverage the add-on code G0506 for enrollment? Do they have remote enrollment options to reach out to your patients via phone, email, and mail? Do they offer effective marketing tools to encourage enrollment? Do they know how to explain CCM to patients?  

Are They a Full-Service Care Coordination Company?

Can they support you with services that are complementary to compliant CCM, such as other care coordination services? Will they be able to provide continuity of care by helping you with Transitional Care Management? Do they understand the correlation between care coordination activities such as CCM and TCM? Can they support patient outreach to encourage participation in Welcome to Medicare Visits and Annual Wellness Visits, as well as support your efforts to provide these preventive care services?

Are They Thought Leaders In CCM?

Choosing the right care coordination company means selecting a team that includes the CCM subject matter experts you need for implementation, patient enrollment, patient engagement, patient services, CCM billing codes, and more.

Does their team include the CCM subject matter experts to guide you through implementation, patient enrollment, patient services, and CCM billing? Do they offer training support and materials that add value to your practice? Can they provide consulting services that will help you effectively demonstrate value-based care? Do they have the reporting efficacy to allow your care coordination activities to support your success with MACRA?

Read more about new CCM opportunities for RHCs and FQHCs.Make Choosing the Right Care Coordination Company Easy

CareSync is the top choice in Chronic Care Management companies for a reason. We provide the most comprehensive care for your patients with access to clinical services 24/7/365. We provide optimal between-visit care and have been delivering care coordination services since 2011, long before Medicare’s CCM program was initiated. And we offer multiple care coordination solutions that allow you to take advantage of a full suite of revenue-generating opportunities for your practice.

To learn more, contact sales@caresync.com or call CareSync at 800-501-2984.

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