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CareSync CEO Joins 2016 South by Southwest Panel

Posted by The CareSync Team

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Dec 18, 2015 11:13:20 AM

Travis Bond will share one family’s experience using CareSync to successfully manage their son’s chronic conditions

The founder and CEO of CareSync, Travis Bond, has been announced as a speaker at the 2016 South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Interactive Festival in Houston, Texas. Bond will present alongside Betsy Furler from BridgingApps, a Program of the Easter Seals Disability Services in Greater Houston, her son Henry, a 17-year-old boy dealing with several chronic conditions, and Dr. Aloysia Schwabe, a physician from Texas Children’s Hospital.

Travis-Bond-headshot-square.jpgIn the SXSW® Session, Apps and Better Medical Outcomes: Real Solutions, the Furlers and Bond will share with other providers and patients how technology software, mobile apps, and services can be used as tools to help people manage chronic conditions.

The struggle to manage Henry’s health began shortly after his birth. "He was three weeks old," recalls Betsy, "when a doctor nearly killed him (because of misinformation on Henry's health). That's when I realized that we needed to be captain of the ship." After that the family began the arduous task of collecting medical records from a minimum of the 27 doctors who had treated Henry, as well as theaccompanying lab reports. They were going to make sure they never had aclose call like that again.

Unfortunately, the volumes of health records created not only confusion over which method was the best for her was to organize them in, but also anxiety and fear that she might miss some crucial piece of information that could make the difference in Henry’s care at a critical moment. Betsy was at at the end of her rope when she found CareSync; a medical technology company dedicated to helping patients manage chronic conditions and the volumes of health records that accompany them.


“Managing medications, doctors’ appointments and medical records can be such a hassle, and we’re thrilled to be able to help patients and their families take more control of their care and live healthier, happier lives. And, we can’t wait to share our story with the SXSW audience,” said Bond.

CareSync recognized that it is nearly a full time job for caregivers and chronically ill patients alike to manage all of their health records in a way that is efficient and ready for providers to use; especially in the event of an emergency. “In addition to the number of children with chronic diseases, we’re experiencing a growing, aging population who are prone to develop multiple chronic illnesses,” said Travis Bond, founder and CEO of CareSync.

When Betsy signed up for CareSync in early 2015, she gave them the 27 names of Henry’s doctors, the labs, and hospitals they visited. CareSync then collected all of Henry’s health records and transcribed them into a digital health record with a summary that was available and accessible 24/7 to providers via any mobile device or online.Henry

Betsy is proud to proclaim, "I'm a CareSync user, and I love it”. Providers love it too because they get perhaps for the first time, a full picture of their patient’s health, and can prescribe better care plans for them. “Now I just show them my iPad, everything is spelled correctly, it's got the exact dosages. They love it. I love the summary. When you're looking at things through your own lens, you can forget to mention things that are familiar to you but might be important for others to know. Working with CareSync changed our lives, and it’s made Henry’s care so much more efficient,” says Betsy.

It is a sobering reality that as of 2012, 17 million people in the US have at least one more chronic illnesses, and nearly 14.5 million children suffer from chronic illnesses as well. These illnesses take adults away from work while theyget well or care for ailing family members. Illnesses and hospitalizations take children out of school, making it hard to keep up with their education.

The use of mobile devices, apps and services like CareSync make managing the records, communication between providers, and doctor appointments easy.Caregivers like thatthey receive notices when lab results come in, reminders for medication, see a health summary, log doctor appointments, view trends in health, and can call a nurse with any questions day or night.Providers likeCareSync because they see a complete health record from all of the other providers a patient sees before making their diagnosis; saving time and removing the unnecessary duplication of tests that often clog up the healthcare system. They viewCareSync as a partner and a nursing extension of their practice.With so many benefits it’s easy to see why patients, caregivers and providers alike are looking to chronic care management as thehealthcare solution of the future.

Additional details about the SXSW® Apps and Better Medical Outcomes: Real Solutions Session will be available in January of 2016.

Photos: Top: Travis Bond, CareSync Founder and CEO. Photos Courtesy of Betsy Furler: Middle: Betsy Furler.Bottom: Henry Furler gets ready to share hisCareSync health records at a doctor visit.

CareSync | The Leader in Chronic Care Management

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