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CareSync Awarded: Top 10 Best Tech Startups in Tampa

Posted by Chantelle Marcelle

Feb 15, 2018 1:49:11 PM

CareSync included on list of top 10 best tech startups in Tampa, Florida ,USA.Newly released list of Top 10 Best Tech Startups in Tampa recognizes CareSync for revenue potential, leadership, brand and product traction, and competitive mobility.

We’re proud to share that CareSync has been named to a list of the top 10 best tech startups in Tampa by The Tech Tribune.

The list considered all tech startups in Tampa, Florida, and selected the top 10 best tech startups by the following criteria:

  • Revenue potential
  • Leadership team
  • Brand/product traction
  • Competitive landscape

The Tech Tribune stated that all companies also had to be independent, private, 10 years old maximum, and have received at least one round of funding.

Since our founding date in 2011, our company has sought to improve healthcare for both providers and patients by advancing value-based care initiatives through care coordination technology and services.

According to the Connected Health Initiative (CHI), a branch of ACT | The App Association focusing on health technology and mHealth, “more than 133 million Americans suffer from chronic conditions such as diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and mental illness. This population is expected to increase to approximately 171 million by 2030.”

Digital health, especially in the arena of mobile health apps and mHealth technology, has proven to provide numerous, substantial benefits not only for healthcare providers and individuals with chronic conditions, but also caregivers, families, and the health of the population as a whole.

Projections for mobile health economy revenue showed figures topping $26 billion in 2017, according to a CHI document.

CareSync combines people, technology and data to connect doctors, patients and caregivers, reducing the paper chase burden for healthcare providers and delivering better care to patients. CareSync care coordination services target multiple areas of care, including Chronic Care Management for Medicare, CPC+, Annual Wellness Visits and Transitional Care Management.

Our efforts have been recognized numerous times before being named one of the top 10 best tech startups in Tampa, including receiving the title of Technology Company of the Year by Tampa Bay Technology Forum.

For more information about how your healthcare practice or organization can leverage innovation from CareSync to improve patient care and reimbursementscall us at 800-501-2984 or email sales@caresync.com.

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