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The Best Medicine

Posted by The CareSync Team

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Jan 10, 2017 11:01:00 AM

Chronic loneliness is something anyone can suffer from, but CareSync is here to help.

Unfortunately, we find that many members in CareSync’s Chronic Care Management program suffer from more than chronic illness. They often suffer from chronic loneliness. Sometimes a kind word or thought, or even a little bit of laughter can prove to be the best medicine.

Losses and Loneliness

On a recent Care Call, one member told her CareSync nurse how alone she had been feeling lately. She said her sons lived hours away in other states. She understood that they were busy with work and taking care of their homes and families. They visited when they could, but as both the children and responsibilities grew, it was less often than before, and certainly less often than she’d like.

Both of her parents had been gone for some time and her only sibling, a sister, had passed away recently. Although she had some friends she occasionally visited with, she had lost several friends to cancer. Understandably, she was feeling a bit isolated and lonely and, on this particular day, she was feeling it moreso.

Taking the Time to Listen

Heart of CareSyncHer CareSync nurse listened attentively and spent a few extra minutes talking to the member. The nurse suggested several community resources near the member that might give her the opportunity to be around others more, and shared some thoughts and anecdotes that brought a little levity to the conversation.

When the call was coming to a close, the member thanked the CareSync nurse for her thoughtfulness and time. The member told her, “Thank you for making me laugh. I haven’t had a good laugh in quite some time.”

You Can Count on CareSync

At CareSync, when we say we act as a nursing extension of your practice, we mean it. You and your staff care about the physical and emotional well-being of your patients and, rest assured, we care about those things, too. Our clinical staff is filled with some of the most understanding, compassionate individuals there are. Trust us to provide Chronic Care Management and other care coordination services to your patients and see for yourself.

CareSync™ takes the time to personalize the between-visit care we give your patients.

Learn how we can give your patients the attention they deserve, while helping your practice exceed Medicare’s requirements for Chronic Care Management. Call us at 800-587-5227, or contact us online.

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