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Benefits of Chronic Care Management Services for Practices

Posted by The CareSync Team

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Dec 14, 2017 9:00:00 AM

The benefits of Chronic Care Management for practices and healthcare providers are substantial, including improved patient health outcomes and increased reimbursement.Benefits of Chronic Care Management services include helping patients gain greater access to healthcare and achieve healthier outcomes, but do you know the multiple ways CCM adds value to you as a provider and your practice?

When you choose CareSync™ to provide the benefits of Chronic Care Management services to your patients on your behalf, we instantly become an additional healthcare resource for them. The care coordination services we provide help reduce administrative burdens and expenses. One of the benefits of Chronic Care Management services can be fewer calls to the office and fewer requests for test results and copies of medical records. And it allows you and your team more time to focus on direct patient care and the business goals of the practice.

With Benefits of Chronic Care Management Services, Patient Support Is Practice Support

Acting as an extension of your practice, CareSync works collaboratively with you, following your preferences and protocols to achieve optimal patient outcomes and true continuity of care. With 24/7/365 between-visit patient care coordination, we:

  • Answer healthcare questions 24/7/365
  • Drive patients back to the practice for preventive care
  • Increase revenue to help sustain and grow the practice
  • Provide you with important between-visit patient data
  • Identify and help close gaps in care
  • Follow-up with patients about your instructions
  • Reconcile medication lists and encourage medication adherence
  • Field requests from caregivers and family members
  • Exchange health information with other practitioners
  • Provide patients with self-management education and support
  • Schedule appointments and reduce no-shows
  • Improve management of care transitions and referrals
  • Coordinate care among home- and community-based providers
  • Support more productive, efficient office visits

Patient Engagement and Satisfaction: One of the Benefits Chronic Care Management Services

With the benefits of Chronic Care Management services from CareSync, you can feel confident your patients’ needs will be supported through each step of their prescribed plan of care.

With our efforts and your expertise, we can help your patients get and stay as healthy as possible, retain their independence longer, avoid duplicate tests, and have fewer ER visits and hospital admissions. The resulting boost in patient engagement, satisfaction, and compliance is sure to reflect well on you.

To learn more about the benefits of Chronic Care Management and other care coordination services from CareSync for your patients and your practice, please visit caresync.com/ccm. Or call CareSync, the top choice in Chronic Care Management companies, at 800-501-2984.

Download a free healthcare white paper about Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+). Click here. Want answers to frequently asked questions about Medicare's Chronic Care Management (CCM)? Click here for a complete resource for Chronic Care Management answers.  Get a full collection of MACRA resources for healthcare providers. Click here.

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