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Benefits of Care Coordination: A Heart of CareSync Story

Posted by The CareSync Team

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Sep 6, 2017 8:10:10 AM

The benefits of care coordination with Health Assistants from CareSync, the leader among chronic care management companies, include support for Medicare patients and caregivers.There are many benefits of care coordination for both patients and physicians and great stories associated with them. Occasionally, we take a moment to acknowledge some of the stories that we hear from clients, members, and our CareSync™ Health Assistants. We call them “Heart of CareSync” stories.

Medicare’s Chronic Care Management program involves providing patients with non face-to-face care coordination services between doctor’s visits. This type of coordinated care can make a meaningful difference in their lives.

Sometimes care coordination does something small that has a big impact on the patient’s happiness. Other times, it can be something far more tangible, like saving someone’s life. Here are a few CareSync stories that illustrate the compassion and commitment of our Health Assistants and the variety of ways care coordination can help.

logo-hocs-heart-of-caresync-943x486.jpgGetting Medication Lists Into the Right Hands

A few months back, a CareSync client added a personal reason to her list of things to appreciate about CareSync services. “When my stepfather was recently hospitalized, the doctors asked me about his medications. I had no clue,” she said. “Then I remembered everything would be in his CareSync record, so I looked it up and was able to send an updated list to the hospital doctors right then and there.”

Sharing Helpful Information About a Chronic Condition

Being diagnosed with a chronic condition can be scary and patients find tremendous value in having a supportive team they can count on. Recently, a member called us to just say thank you for the compassion our team showed when she was newly diagnosed with diabetes.

She explained how much she appreciated our team sending her Type 2 diabetes information from the American Diabetes Association as well as other helpful resources that made a difference at a difficult time. “I was overwhelmed and confused,” she said, “but the information you sent got me back on track! Thank you!”

Ensuring Medication Adherence

A valuable tool CareSync offers its members is our healthcare app, which makes managing patient care easier for patients, family members, and caregivers. Our care coordination app can be used to record and share health records and medication lists, track health measurements and healthcare goals, and more. It also includes a medication reminder option that can help improve prescription nonadherence.

Recently, a member shared how happy she was that we have medication reminders in our Chronic Care Management software. She said she appreciates that she doesn’t have to wait to have the nerve pain in her back remind her to take her medications. She’s thankful CareSync helps her get to her medications on time before the pain becomes overwhelming.

Helping Patients Avoid Adverse Drug Reactions

There are over two million preventable adverse drug reactions in the U.S. each year. When care coordinators perform medication reconciliation, they look for these potential and possibly fatal drug combinations.

In just the span of one month, a CareSync Health Assistant was able to alert a single provider to critical drug interactions for two different patients. In both cases, other providers prescribed a similar medication that contraindicated what he had prescribed. Both situations would have been life-threatening.

See For Yourself the Many Benefits of Care Coordination

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