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3 Reasons Jobs for LPNs are in High Demand

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Nov 18, 2017 10:00:00 AM

There are a number of reasons why jobs for LPNs are in high demand right now, including the general need for nursing in healthcare settings both traditional and nontraditional.If you’re looking for jobs for LPNs, you’re in a good situation. Read more information in the article below about why LPNs are in demand and how you can leverage this to secure one of the best jobs for LPNs.

Nurses are a valuable part of healthcare in the United States, as they provide much needed support for physicians, patients, and the overall healthcare system in this country. The need for nurses has increased over the years and that makes this a perfect time to search for jobs for LPNs.

Here are three reasons why jobs for LPNs are on the rise.

  1. There Aren’t Enough Licensed Practical Nurses to Fill All Current Jobs for LPNs.

Apply for LPN Jobs. Click here to learn more.In 2017, more than 80 percent of hospitals surveyed had a vacancy rate of 5 percent or greater for jobs for LPNs and other nurses, according to a survey conducted by NSI Nursing Solutions, a nurse recruitment and retention firm. This gap between employed nurses and available openings makes the opportunity to find jobs for LPNs bright.

And it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon.

Jobs for LPNs are expected to experience an above-average growth rate of 25 percent until at least 2022.


  1. The Number of Long-Term Care Patients Who Need Licensed Practical Nurses Is Increasing.

The need is only growing. Jobs for LPNs will increase over the years ahead according to most studies, in large part because there will be more patients who need care from licensed practical nurses.

Approximately 10,000 people will turn 65 each day from now until the year 2030, creating steady growth in a key population that requires licensed practical nurse services.

Thanks to advancements within healthcare, including digital health developments, artificial intelligence, mobile health tools, and more, people are expected to live longer lives, creating a need for caregivers and healthcare professionals (and in result, jobs for LPNs) who can help them maintain a higher quality of living. 

  1. Preventive and Value-Based Care Are Becoming More Significant Within Healthcare.

Healthcare is transitioning away from the fee-for-service model, which basically means that emphasis is on quality patient care and improving health outcomes rather than solely on profit and numbers. Not only that, but the patient experience is no longer viewed as solely dependent on the time patients spend in the doctor’s office. Between-visit care is equally important to ensure that patients are receiving the education and support they need.

Value-based care, including initiatives aimed at improvement of care to those with greatest need (such as Medicare’s Chronic Care Management), has become a major driver in creation of jobs for LPNs.

The need for healthcare professionals and licensed practical nurses who can meet the expectation for elevated care is at an all-time high.

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