Pro: Patient Minutes

Sep 12, 2015 5:39:26 PM

View minutes from the patient record.

Access the Patient Record:

  • Log into CareSync Pro
  • Select "Search Patient" from the left panel
  • Select a recently-viewed patient, or enter search parameters to find the patient


Patient Minutes Views:

  • Right under the patient's photo is the minute counter that displays the number of minutes so far in the current month.
  • Click the word "minutes" to view the patient's timer history.  The arrow on each month expands that month's detail.

SaaS Users:

For practices that handle their own care coordination, track minutes for each patient with the timer:

  • Click Start
  • When finished with the task, click Stop
  • Use the text field for any notes, such as Patient Phone Call or Scheduled Physician Appointment.



Platforms Available:  Pro features are available on the web.  Current and one prior version of each browser is supported.

Need Help?  Contact the CareSync Support Team at 813-658-3741, send us a note using the Contact option on the top right of your screen, or talk to us right now with the Chat With Us bottom on the bottom right corner of your screen.

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