Pro: CareSync Office for iPad

Sep 12, 2015 9:08:36 PM

CareSync Office for iPad is the simplest way to capture form signatures!


  • Your Patient Advocate will configure your practice and iPad for you.
  • Once complete, the Invitation screen will include "On Tablet" as a signature method option.
  • On Tablet is the default for the practice, but can be changed to On Paper (if a paper form is used) or In App (if the patient leaves the office before signing, perhaps).




  • The same login will be used on the iPad for each user in the practice.
  • Once a user logs into the iPad, a practice-wide PIN is required to proceed.  The PIN ensures a patient cannot access information outside his or her signature workflows.
  • The existing PIN and option to reset the PIN is available in the Settings section of CareSync Pro (web login).




  • Invite a patient as usual from the web login.
  • On the Invite screen, make sure On Tablet is selected.
  • Invite as usual.  The patient's forms will now appear on the iPad.



iPad Access:

  • Log into the iPad.  It should stay logged in.
  • Enter the practice PIN.
  • Choose the patient from the Pending list and give it to the patient to sign.


Patient Signature:

  • The Consent Form appears first.  The patient scrolls down the pre-populated form and clicks to sign with a finger.
  • The HIPAA Form is next, and has the same functionality.
  • At any time, the patient can choose to Decline, and will be directed to see staff for assistance.




  • On the iPad, the status for all invitations for the day can be viewed in Pending, Signed, or Declined.
  • On the Web, the status for each patient can be seen as usual in Manage Members. 




Platforms Available:  Pro setup on the web for iPad OS.  Current and one prior version of each browser is supported.

Need Help?  Contact the CareSync Support Team at 813-658-3741, send us a note using the Contact option on the top right of your screen, or talk to us right now with the Chat With Us bottom on the bottom right corner of your screen.

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