Pro: Messaging Patients

Sep 12, 2015 6:12:40 PM

View minutes from the patient record.

Create a Message from the Patient Record:

  • Log into CareSync Pro
  • Select "Search Patient" from the left panel
  • Select a recently-viewed patient, or enter search parameters to find the patient
  • Select Care Manager, then Messaging

Create the Message:

  • Select Add to start a new message thread
  • Choose the people in the Care Team who you wish to include
  • Notice that the patient can be omitted from the conversation
  • It's especially handy for messaging the Health Assistants about these patients!


View Incoming Messages:

  • Log into CareSync Pro
  • Incoming, unread messages will result in a red notifications badge on the top of the screen
  • The right panel displays active messages from/regarding patients (except when viewing an individual patient record)
  • Simply open and respond in the main message screen that opens on selection.


Platforms Available:  Pro features are available on the web.  Current and one prior version of each browser is supported.

Need Help?  Contact the CareSync Support Team at 813-658-3741, send us a note using the Contact option on the top right of your screen, or talk to us right now with the Chat With Us bottom on the bottom right corner of your screen.

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