Pro: Invite Patients

Sep 12, 2015 3:27:00 PM

Inviting patients to the Comprehensive Care Management Plan is simple!

  • Log into CareSync Pro
  • Select "Add Members" from the left panel
  • Fill in the patient information fields
    • Spouse, related patient or caregiver present?
      • Select "Add Related Patient" if a spouse or other person in the same family is invited to the CCM plan
      • Select "Add Related Caregiver" if the caregiver information is available
    • No email available for the patient?
      • Leave the field blank, and we'll create an account with a username instead of an email
      • Caregivers require emails
  • Sign Forms option defaults to your practice's preferred method, but can be changed when needed:
    • On Tablet:  Your office is using an iPad.  The invitation appears on the iPad, and the account is created once the patient signs the electronic form.
    • On Paper:  Your patients will sign the paper forms provided, and the forms are faxed to the office.  The accounts are created once the invitations have been entered and the consent forms are uploaded to the patients' accounts.
    • In App:  An email invitation is sent to the patient, and the account is created when the patient signsa digital consent form.


  • When you click Next, a contact screen appears.  Enter the patient's preferred contact time, and any special notes you enter here will go to the Health Assistant.
  • If no email was entered, there's a quick confirmation here before we create a username.

That's it!


Platforms Available:  Pro features are available on the web.  Current and one prior version of each browser is supported.

Need Help?  Contact the CareSync Support Team at 813-658-3741, send us a note using the Contact option on the top right of your screen, or talk to us right now with the Chat With Us bottom on the bottom right corner of your screen.

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