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Dec 29, 2014 11:46:00 PM


For the first time, a Comprehensive Care Plan

Every doctor visit includes the provider's assessment and a plan for your health. If you're a CareSync Plus member, you'll see this information in each visit's Provider Notes section. We've created a Comprehensive Care Plan to help you understand the doctor's orders, help make sure you follow them, and give feedback so you can achieve your goals quickly.

A Comprehensive Care Plan is necessary because:

  • Each provider has a Care Plan for you, but they're all in separate places.

  • When you go to the doctor, it is hard to remember all the details you hear.

  • Each of your providers needs to know what is going on with the rest of your medical care.

  • Everyone who cares for you should have access to the information from the visit, the doctor's orders, and important information like current medication and condition lists.

  • When your Care Plan is coordinated effectively, you have fewer visits and ER trips, your health improves, and you save money!

Whatever your health goal, CareSync is here to help you accomplish it!

Don't have CareSync Plus? We'll get all of your old visits, create a summary of each, and create a Comprehensive Care Plan! If you're eligible for Medicare and have two or more chronic conditions, ask your doctor about CareSync's Chronic Care Management plan.


Get Your Care Plan

CareSync Plus Service

If you have CareSync Plus, your Health Assistant will create Care Plan items based on your providers' orders. You can make changes to them, complete them, and share the information with your providers and caregivers.

CareSync Chronic Care Management

If you have CareSync Chronic Care Management (CCM), your Care Team will create Care Plan items based on your providers' orders for each of your most recent visits, and all your providers will get updates at least monthly so they all have the most current and accurate information for you.

Do It Yourself

The CareSync application is always free, and you can get the information yourself. Get the records after each visit, and enter the information into your Care Plan in CareSync. You can record the information in the CareSync app on your device while you're at the visit, too - our members' doctors have been pleased to see engaged patients taking notes!


Manage Your Care Plan

Care Plan is located in the Care Manager section of CareSync.  You can manage, complete, and collaborate on all the items. There are three types of items in the Care Plan, and your Care Team can participate in any item with the Comments feature.


What are your health goals? You might have several:

  • Quit smoking

  • Run a 5K

  • Lose 10 pounds

  • Breathe without oxygen

  • Play outdoors with the grandkids

The default item is Tasks, so select Goal as the type, and create your goal and target achievement date! Your caregivers should cheer you on (and keep you focused) as you work toward better health.


Tasks are simple: Simply enter the task, tag your Health Conditions and anything else related to it, and enter a due date.

What's Coming: We're working on recurring tasks and measurements. If your doctor gives you instructions to take medicine daily, track your blood pressure once a week, or get your labs drawn once every three months, you can enter it once and simply deal with upcoming tasks, rather than the entire list of tasks.

Important Information

Ever get instructions from your doctor and forget it immediately? Things like "Remember to wear sunscreen when outdoors," "Never take Tums with your Synthroid," and other items are often lost in the chaos of labs, check-out, or concerning and confusing diagnoses.

Now the Important Information option allows you and your CareSync Health Assistants to record it as a reminder for you. Important Information items have expiration dates rather than due dates, so you don't have to check it off - it just goes away.  


You've seen Related Items throughout CareSync. Care Plan is advancing to more user-friendly tags. The more information you can attach to a Care Plan item, the better reports you'll have at your fingertips. In a coming release, Care Plan will have filters (just like Timeline) so you can search and share exactly the information you need.

The reports that go to your providers are sorted by Health Condition, so it is the most important thing to tag when you're entering Care Plan data. Also, entering from the Appointment will bring over tags and make it a bit easier for you.

Keep Up With Your Health Tasks

The good news is that you don't have to access your Care Plan on a daily basis. We recommend viewing it frequently, but all the items with due dates (and times, coming soon) will be displayed in My Day, along with your Appointments and Medication Reminders. 

Also, actionable notifications are coming soon to your device. That means you'll be able to mark Tasks, Medications, and Measurements complete simply by selecting a response from your device's home screen.  


When You're At An Appointment

The fastest way to update your Care Plan is to do it while you're planning an Appointment, or actually at an Appointment. Before and After Visit Tasks have been transformed into Care Plan views - and you can toggle between your entire Care Plan, or just items that were tagged to this visit. When you add additional items from your Appointment, CareSync will automatically tag items from the Appointment's Related Providers, Medications, Health Conditions, etc., so you don't have to think about it.

Procedures can be entered in the Appointment screen. We're launching more Procedures and Labs very soon.

Don't forget about CareSync's other Appointment tools: You can snap a picture, record a voice message (doctor's instructions are perfect here for family to share), and reminders for notes and questions to be entered before the Appointment.

Share Your Care Plan

One of the most important parts of Care Plan is the ability to give feedback to your providers. They'll learn what's going on with your other providers, and they'll have a chance to get feedback on whether the plan is working, needs adjustment, or if you're not following it properly. For you, this means faster rehabilitation, fewer visits, and a healthier lifestyle. 

CareSync's Blue Button sharing is available now. Share your information via direct, secure messaging, and your provider will have an opportunity to import it into an Electronic Medical Record (EMR). As always, you can Print or Fax it, too. Sort By Health Conditions for the best view for your Care Team.

Sharing with family amd loved ones is even easier when you invite them to a free CareSync account. Selectively share information with them so they'll be able to access your Care Plan, help you complete Tasks associated with your doctors' orders, and encourage you to achieve your health goals. Don't forget the Comment option to keep the conversation flowing!



Platforms Available: Current Care Plan elements are available on Web and iOS, and Android. More functionality coming soon for all platforms.


Need Help?  Remember CareSync Plus Specialists not only get the medical records, they create concise summaries of every visit, and create a comprehensive Care Plan.  And they'll make your appointments for you, too!



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