New features to stay on top of your health with CareSync 2.4

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Apr 3, 2014 10:36:00 AM

Hello! The latest version is now available on the web, and is packed with some new features that, whether you're a caregiver or tracking your own health, help make it easier to stay on top of day-to-day health tasks and organize your medical information.


So what's new?

  • My Day
  • Medication Reminders
  • Managing Pharmacies
  • Deleting Care Team Members
  • Allergies Updates

Keep reading to learn more!

My Day is a daily dashboard that allows you to manage and track the tasks you need for a healthy day, such as medications, appointments, and tasks. Look for more reminders here as new features are added.


Taking meds? One dose at 8 am. Another at 8 pm. A multi-vitamin before breakfast. Sound familiar?

Medication Reminders are available and are a great new way to track and remember to take the medications that are already entered into your account.

  • Select the medication
  • Turn on Reminders
  • And tell CareSync when you want to take them


In a couple of weeks, your reminders will come to your mobile device, too!

Tracking wellness? Don't forget to add your vitamins and other supplements to your Medications list and set up reminders for those, too!

Many users have already added pets to their account; they're part of the family, too! Setting up reminders for heart worm & flea control will make is easy to not miss the next treatment!

A lot of users requested the ability to add Pharmacy Information to each medication. This is especially useful if you're using specialty pharmacies for some meds. List the pharmacy's name & number for each medication for quick reference.

Be on the lookout for more pharmacy features coming soon!

While you can always change the Share Settings for anyone on your Care Team, now you can completely remove a caregiver from your account. Learn how to add family members and caregivers here.

Gesundheit! Pollen season is definitely upon us, and we realize you may have more than one reaction to an allergy. Now you can select multiple Allergy reactions.

  • Add your reactions,
  • And choose as many as needed for each allergy.

This release also includes some usability enhancements and bug fixes to make the experience better. Please keep your feedback coming!

Be on the lookout for some exciting new things coming for both iOS and Android in the next couple of weeks.

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