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Apr 18, 2014 8:32:33 AM

Curious about what you get with a CareSync Plus account, but not quite ready to make the commitment? Have completed your Health History subscription and love having your complete Health Timeline, but don't go to enough doctor's appointments to justify the ongoing expense?

Users wanted the option to get the records from a single visit, and now it's possible! Currently available for web and iOS (Android coming soon!), you can make a CareSync Records request for just $9.99. Get-One-Visit-iOS-2014APR9

Would you benefit from this?

  • You are curious about CareSync Plus, but want to better understand how it works.
  • You have visited a specialist or someone not typically on your care team and want your primary care doctor to have the information.
  • You have completed the 60 day Health History plan, don't really need the unlimited Plus subscription right now, but want to keep their timeline up to date when you do go to the doctor.

So how do you get medical records for one appointment? It's incredibly simple!

On iOS:

  • Mark the appointment to Completed, Click Save,
  • Select Request Records,
  • Choose Complete & Sign Authorization (or send the one on file),
  • Add any relevant information that's missing,
  • Choose Tap to Digitally Sign,
  • Sign with your finger (mobile) Click Done, then Save
  • Review the order summary, then choose Purchase Now through the App Store.

The only thing that's different when you're requesting records on the web, you'll go through our checkout process, instead of having it linked to your App Store account.

Either way, it's incredibly simple to make the request, and once you're done, leave the rest up to us!

What happens now?

Once your doctor sends your record, the entire file is scanned into your account, and the important information from the doctor's notes are entered into the Provider's Notes field of the appointment.

The concise summary of the visit becomes useful, because it is entered in a way that's easy to understand, and shareable with other doctors, family, and caregivers.

For each appointment entered into your account, you're adding another piece to your Health Timeline. This summarized view of your health history is easily filtered by date range, medications, and health conditions, and is incredibly useful in sharing relevant information with the people who need it.

Sign into your account today, and try it out! Let CareSync Plus start building your Health Timeline with a single record request for only $9.99.

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