CareSync 2.5 App Combines Wearables Data With Medical Records

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Sep 24, 2014 10:55:00 AM

Are you ready for your seven-minute close-up at the doctor's office? Have you got your full medical record with you, digitized and searchable, accessible via smartphone, tablet or PC?  

How about the data you've been tracking on your own: blood pressure, heart rate, weight and more?  


If you don't have all your own medical information with you, you're not ready: because some of that seven minutes is going to get chewed up on research, leaving little time for your questions, or the doctor's questions.  Is that bad blood pressure reading in the doctor's office a fluke, or a trend?  A comparison with the readings you've done at home in the past few months would enable the doctor to move quickly to diagnosis and treatment.

How could you possibly find the time to get your medical records, or those of a loved one, in that state of awesome readiness?  You're busy - we know - but there's an app for that.  CareSync, at the forefront of the patient empowerment movement for the past three years with an app and personal services making medical records accessible day or night to whoever the patient specifies, is out with a new, more powerful version of the app.  CareSync 2.5 with Measurements adds two new layers to your medical record: any data you may have from wearable devices, plus, information the patient and any caregivers input themselves, such pain and emotion measurements.

The result is a medical visit in which everyone - both doctor and patient - has a better experience.  CareSync 2.5's pathfinding new features combine users' complete medical histories - from doctors, hospitals and labs - with behavioral and vital signs data collected from wearables and other user-owned devices.  The app also provides for another valuable stream of information: measurements of pain and emotions, recorded by patients, family members and other caregivers.  The three categories of information together show the whole picture of the patient's health - empowering more informed decisions by the patient, doctors, and caregivers: family members, visiting nurses, therapists and anyone else on the patient's team.

The initial rollout of CareSync 2.5 with Measurements includes tracking for blood pressure, weight, and glucose, and a pain scale and journal for daily well-being documentation. Upcoming releases will incorporate still more wellness, fitness, and lab data, along with the ability to compare measurement values.

"Truly patient-centric healthcare is now possible for the first time," said CareSync CEO Travis Bond, a healthcare innovator and frequent speaker on the need for patients, their families and caregivers, and their doctors having the best possible information to make the best possible medical decisions.  "CareSync does all the work of gathering, tracking, and sharing complete and meaningful information from medical visits, and all the important things that happen between visits."

CareSync has partnered with industry-leader Validic ( to offer seamless integrations with over 80 mHealth apps and tracking devices, including:

  • BodyMedia, FatSecret, Fitbit (Aria), iHealth, RunKeeper, VitaDock and Withings for weight tracking.

  • ManageBHL, TelCare and VitaDock for glucose measurements.

  • Fitbit, iHealth, Withings and VitaDock for documenting blood pressure.

Additional devices will be added in upcoming releases.

CareSync is available for free in the App Store, Google Play, and online at CareSync also has low-cost personal services, beginning with a one-time fee of just $99, in which CareSync Health Assistants find client's medical records, organize them, and put them on the CareSync secure app.

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