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Posted by Courtney Larned

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Feb 1, 2014 7:16:00 PM

In the last major release of CareSync, we introduced a really great way for you to stay on top of your medical records, we call it Buy on the Fly, or Get This Visit. get a single visit with CareSync Plus

So many of our users have gotten their past medical history with the Getting Started plan, but once those 60 days are up, they weren't sure that continuing on a CareSync Plus subscription made the most sense for them.  However, we heard over and over again that they didn't want to not get records moving forward.

So, we came up with Buy on the Fly! 

It's incredibly easy to use our Buy on the Fly records retrieval services:

  • Mark the appointment to Completed,
  • Click Save,
  • Select Request Records,
  • Choose Complete & Sign Authorization (or send the one on file),
  • Add any relevant information that's missing,
  • Choose Tap to Digitally Sign,
  • Sign with your finger (mobile) or with your mouse),
  • Click Done, then Save
  • Review the order summary, then choose Purchase Now

That's it!*  You're done!  Your CareSync rep is officially on the task of getting the records from your visit, and getting them populated into your CareSync account.  For $14.99!  That's less than most of our copays.

So, don't ever risk not having the important information to tell your health story again.

*Don't believe me?  Watch this 60 second video to see how quickly you can request your records!

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