American Heart Month's 50th Anniversary

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Feb 3, 2014 9:00:00 AM

On January 27, 2014 the Huffington Post> reported that: In late December, the President wrote about the "staggering physical and economic loss" due to cardiovascular diseases. He conveyed his optimism that "substantial progress in combating those diseases is being made by comprehensive educational and community programs." The twist: That president was Lyndon Baines Johnson.

american heart month

This month marks the 50th Anniversary of American Heart Month. Since its inception in 1964 substantial strides have been made in treating this disease. In fact, the total number of deaths attributed to heart disease dropped from 54% in 1960 to 32% in 2012 despite the fact that the American population increased by 72% during that time.

However, even with all the advances in diagnosis, treatment and prevention, heart disease remains the number one cause of death in the US, more than all types of cancer combined. Today, nearly 84 million people are living with some form of heart disease.

This year, the American Heart Association has designated February 7 as National Wear Red Day to raise awareness of heart disease in women. For many years, both the general public, and their physicians, believed that heart disease affected mostly men. Today we know that more women than men are dealing with cardiovascular disease.

The purpose of American Heart Month and National Wear Red Day are the same, to educate people about:

  • The causes of heart disease
  • The treatment options for heart disease
  • Preventative measures to reduce the risk of heart disease.

People suffering from heart disease usually have several healthcare providers who treat various aspects of the disease, provide rehabilitative care, and offer post-treatment education and exercise. CareSync customers have an advantage when dealing with heart disease, or any other condition that requires treatment by multiple providers. Having all of your medical records in one place, electronically available to all of your healthcare professionals, saves time and ensures that each provider has the most up-to-date information about each patient.

This February, take advantage of American Heart Association education events to learn more about how to treat and prevent heart disease. And contact us for information about how CareSync can be your ally on your journey to wellness.

Will you be wearing red on February 7th?

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