What do you mean my past medical history is gone?

Posted by Courtney Larned

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Feb 4, 2014 9:00:00 AM

I was chatting with an old friend a couple of weeks ago.  We hadn't caught up with each other in awhile, so we talked about family, life, running, and work.  As I was telling him about CareSync, and how we're passionately working to help give people access to their health information, the conversation quickly segued into his bum knee, and that he was likely going to have to schedule surgery on it.  Again.  medical records are destroyed after 7 years

My next question to him was "Do you have your records from the knee surgery you had in college?"

The response:  "No.  Why?"

Well, without giving away my age, we have been out of college for significantly longer than the 7 years that most states require your providers to keep your medical records.  I explained to him that it's highly unlikely that his previous surgeon would still have his medical records from his first knee surgery.  (He didn't.) He is not equipped to share his complete health story with his new doctor.

His situation is far from uncommon.  Most people don't realize that their medical records are not only destroyed, but often destroyed after just seven years. 

Without having access to your healthcare history, it's very likely that you'll repeat tests that probably could have been avoided, and you'll put your body and your wallet through unnecessary stress.

Giving people access to their medical records and turning them into meaningful, and shareable information is what CareSync does.  Not only is it affordable, it's incredibly simple to get started; once you've created your account, you simply enter your providers (which are already in the system, so it takes seconds) and then digitally sign the HIPAA authorization release form.  The CareSync Plus team will take it from there!

They will gather, organize, and transcribe all of your medical records from all of your providers.  The important information from each of your past appointments is summarized into easy-to-understand notes that are able to be shared in a Care Reportâ„¢ summary.  This summary is easily shared with your doctors and care team, so everybody has the important, most relevant information needed to give you the best care possible.

The CareSync apps for web, iOS, and Android allow you to access all of your information, no matter where you are.

Probably needless to say, my friend is now a very happy CareSync customer.  While he did not get his medical records from the knee surgery he had in college, and did have to repeat a ton of tests prior to his knee surgery, he now has access to his records from the past few years, started building out a complete health record for his wife, and has 100% complete health records for both of his little girls.

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