She trips. She falls. She has her important documents with her.

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Jan 21, 2014 5:15:00 PM

Here's a quick blurb I wrote on my family blog over the's the Cliff's Notes version of my wild Saturday afternoon.

Today was weird. I came home after dropping Benjamin off at a birthday party to add a couple of layers before my run; each mile dedicated to #megsmiles so I had to do it, but something was off. Really, really off.

I sucked it up, laced up my shoes, and ran along my favorite path in Baltimore.

My right foot and ankle were a tad wonky, but they stretched out. I am still blaming the Levaquin but carried on, and by mile three, was feeling super fly.

And then I fell. Hard. 130 pounds of 5’9 @ 6 MPH velocity hit the (level, flat, new concrete…no excuse other than clumsiness) ground hard. Really hard. No question in my mind, I had broken my hand. Called Andrew and told him I was ER bound...

Since emergency preparedness wasn't the overall theme of that post, I am going to take it that way now, with brevity, since I am typing with one hand...

  • I run with my phone. I once lost my car key on a 20 mile out-and-back training run; this was back in my Blackberry days, it wasn't the norm for me to have it with me. Anyhow, I always do now.
  • My phone has CareSync. Despite not having my insurance card, driver's license or FSA benefits card with me, I had all that information documented in Documents under the Health Information tab.
  • Not only did I have it, I was able to quickly share it with the woman at registration.
  • Well, I didn't have the FSA card, but since Andrew is part of my care team, he was able to snap pictures of it and upload it to my account. So now it's there forever. And I shared it with the registration lady, via fax.
  • The University of Maryland Medical Center was already stored in my CareSync account, so I created a new appointment, choosing UMMC as the facility.
  • It probably goes without saying that I don't have any pre-visit tasks for this "appointment."
  • But I certainly have a bunch of post-visit tasks, which I punched into CareSync's Visit Manager.court's caresync in the ER
  • When I got home, I switched the appointment status to Completed and requested my records. This was the first time I got to use the super-cool-sign-with-your-finger Digital Records Release form. I am a CareSync Plus member, but even if you're not on the unlimited plan, don't forget you can get the records from a single visit!
  • A couple times each day, since Saturday, I've been snapping photos of my stunningly swollen paw. I've been annotating them with the date and time, and then adding them directly into the record for that ER visit. I like measuring the (lack of) progress, and can easily share it with my provider when I need to.
  • I scheduled my follow-up visit with a surgeon who specializes in hands, and added her practice to my CareSync account.
  • I created tasks for paperwork that needs to be completed, and I'll be faxing over, tomorrow night, my health summary of medications, health conditions, and allergies. That should save some time on Thursday morning.

Sadly, this is not the first blog post about someone in my family getting hurt while running and having access to the information that they need with CareSync. To say I am bummed about the derailing of my marathon training might be the understatement of the century, but thankfully, I had quick access to great care, had the documentation needed to avoid the pesky step of large bills showing up at my house, and like all of my other empowered patient experiences, believe that I received better care because I was actively engaged in what was going on.

While it's hopefully uneventful, I'll follow up if there any great patient engagement stories from my appointment on Thursday.

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