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Jan 21, 2014 4:30:00 PM

Today, it is common for people to have several healthcare providers – a personal physician, dermatologist, cardiologist, neurologist – and even visit multiple pharmacies, perhaps one that is near where you live and another where you work. Over the course of your life these providers will change as you attend college, change jobs, move to new places, or change health insurance plans. What doesn’t change, however, is the need for you to have access to an accurate, up-to-date copy of all your personal medical records.

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Your medical records include information about your past health -- illnesses, surgeries, medications, vaccinations, allergies, and the results of screening tests such as blood pressure and cholesterol. Keeping track of these things yourself, on paper is a great start, but unfortunately, you probably don’t have that paper with you when you need it the most, such as in an emergency room situation. At times like these, an electronic, easily accessible record of your past health can be a lifesaver.

Having access to your medical records is not only helpful to your healthcare providers, it is also a way for you to manage your health yourself between doctor visits. You can track your progress in lowering your blood pressure or cholesterol, make appointments for annual screening tests, and have a written record of your doctor’s instructions.

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It is also important to realize that in many states doctors are only required to keep your medical records for seven years. If you are looking for past information, you may find that it is no longer available. Putting yourself in charge of your personal medical records puts your health in your hands.

CareSync has the tools you need to take control of your own medical records, as well as those of your family members. Getting started is incredibly simple. You select your doctors (most of them are built into the system), digitally sign the records release authorization form, and then you're done! The CareSync team collects, enters, and organizes all of your medical records from all of your providers into your CareSync account, which is accessible from the web, as well as iPhone and Android applications. Past visits are summarized with useful, shareable information that puts you in control of your healthcare information.

To learn more about CareSync, or to get started today, click here.

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