Managing Multiple Chronic Conditions with CareSync

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Jan 24, 2014 1:30:00 PM

Two-thirds of the older population in American suffers from at least two chronic conditions, but the healthcare system currently focuses on individual diseases. Medical care for these situations consumes 66% of all health care spending. It probably goes without saying, if you are managing multiple chronic conditions, it is costly and confusing, and requires meticulous organization to ensure that information gets to the right people at the right time.

With multiple chronic conditions inevitably comes multiple doctors. Communication between these busy specialists is mediocre, at best, and often the information needed to create an effective care plan for one condition is missing, simply because it wasn't shared in a timely fashion.

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In addition, taking the advice of multiple doctors can result in conflicting recommendations for health and prescriptions for medications that may counteract each other. This can potentially limit the effectiveness of treatment, or add complications. If doctors are not in constant communication with each other, the same tests or procedures can be run more than once, costing the patient (and their insurer) twice for one procedure.

The most efficient way to keep track of every test that has been run, every medication that has been prescribed, and which other health and lifestyle changes have been recommended is to have all the patient's medical records in one place.

However, getting those records all in one place can feel like a daunting task.

CareSync was created to solve for this. The CareSync team collects, enters, and organizes all of a patient's medical records from all of their providers, and it's only $99 to get started. Ideal for those juggling multiple chronic conditions, CareSync aggregates the important information such as medications, health conditions, documents, allergies, to name a few, from all of a patient's providers, and gives patients and their families robust web, iPhone, and Android applications to access, add, share, and collaborate with health information.

With all the challenges already faced by patients with multiple chronic conditions, one simple solution can make managing them much easier and less costly. With all medical records gathered into one spot from various doctors and specialists, help patients, their care teams, and their doctors collaborate to ensure a care plan that is as efficient and effective as possible.

This joint effort can mean better health in less time and more money in the patient's pocket. Who wouldn't want that?

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