Caregivers, Start the New Year Organized

Posted by Courtney Larned

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Jan 2, 2014 8:30:00 AM

Scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest this morning, I was reminded of how this time of year is when we make those resolutions to make life better. Nearly every post I read was about what changes would be made to make things easier, save money, be healthier, eat more meals as a family, or just be a better person.

A couple really resonated with me; both were from women who are responsible for taking care of elderly parents, and how they resolve to figure out how to better balance those responsibilities with the responsibilites of their own lives, family, and professions, and to find a way to be more organized in the caregiving role.

New Year's Resolutions

Having recently watched my own mother struggle with managing care for my grandmother, from a few hundred miles away, no less, I got a first-hand glimpse to recognize that one of the many challenges that caregivers encounter is managing the vast quantity of information that is involved with managing healthcare. The more complicated the conditions that the patient is dealing with, the more complicated your caregiving role becomes.

Add in multiple specialists, and there's more information to manage, more communication to facilitate, and likely more medications which can get in the way of one another. Too often, this information isn't in one place, and not effectively shared with all of the doctors involved with care.

To be an effective caregiver, you need access to all of the relevant information from your loved one's doctors. More than access, you need the ability to add day-to-day information, easily share the information with other members of the care team, and collaborate on tasks to help effectively manage care plans.

Previously an overwhelming process, CareSync has created a solution that affordably allows you to get all of your loved one's medical records from all of their doctors.

For $99, and just a couple of minutes to get started, CareSync collects, enters, and organizes your loved one's medical records from all of their providers. The entire medical history is compiled, summarized with relevant information from past visits, and then easily accessed and shared from web, iPhone, and Android applications. The applications allow not only for access, but for the ability to create and manage tasks and to do lists, and tools to get more from each doctor's visit. Most importantly, you have a complete record that you're easily able to share with the people who need the information, no matter where you are.

Coordinating healthcare is difficult, let us do it for you. Regardless of whether you are a caregiver or you just want to take control of your own medical history to ensure your family, future caregivers or your current medical team have access to important information, we can help.

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