Wounded Warriors and CareSync

Posted by Courtney Larned

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Dec 26, 2013 9:00:00 AM

If i needed another reason to feel grateful today, here it is. This story was submitted to me, anonymously, by someone who has opened my eyes to an entire group of people who could benefit from having access to a comprehensive medical record that they could share with their multiple providers. Even if you're being seen exclusively in one health system, it does not mean that the information is being shared with your other providers in a timely way.

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Many of our Soldiers are returning from war and are called "Wounded Warriors." Why? Several reasons. I have been listening to their stories of war and coming home.

John was in Iran for three deployments. In between each deployment he was home for about a month and could spend time with his son. On his last deployment, his wife was also deployed. So, while at war, he had the stresses of war, the stress of being away from his son, and the stress of worrying about his wife. John didn't complain - he signed up to defend our country and he was proud to be a Soldier. To this day, he is proud and does not complain or blame.

However, he is a wounded warrior. He came home wounded, and to a divorce. John's physical wounds are almost healed and he is in physical therapy to regain full use of his arm.

John has frequent nightmares of the explosions, and fellow Soldiers dying. He also becomes anxious easily after living for several years with a high anxiety level.

So, not only is John recovering physically, but he is recovering emotionally. John works closely with his doctors to recover from physical wounds, and also works closely with psychologists to recover from the divorce and from the emotions of war.

John's story isn't unique. Every war gives us Wounded Warriors to care for after coming home from war. There are several ways you can help these Soldiers. One way is by giving the gift of health. They see multiple doctors and think of how much anxiety could be relieved to give a Soldier the gift of someone else tracking and organizing their medical records.

So, this Holiday season, give the gift of health to a Wounded Warrior - give them the gift of CareSync.

THANK YOU for this submission. If you're interested in helping a Wounded Warrier, or someone who has recently received a diagnosis and needs access to a comprehensive medical record, please check out our MedStartr campaign here. We'd like to help hundreds of people, who might not otherwise be able to obtain it, gain access to their complete medical record so that they can receive the best care possible.

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