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Dec 9, 2013 9:30:00 AM

I can hear you now. You're thinking "How on earth? It's impossible!"

all your records from all your providers

Nope, it's not. CareSync will gather all of your records, from all of your providers, and it'll only set you back $99*. And they don't just collect the records and scan them in, they enter the information into the easy-to-use CareSync application, and summarize each of your past visits into a concise note with health conditions and diagnoses, medications, allergies, and more. That little summary? It's incredibly useful. And shareable with your family, care team, providers, baby sitter, flight attendant, pool's yours to share as you want.

I feel like an infomercial, but...

BUT WAIT. There's more! It's amazingly simple to get started.

So, you want to know more? Of course you do.

  • Go to
  • Choose the "Get Records" and pick the best plan for you (which is likely the $99, Getting Started plan, just FYI...)
  • Sign up and pay*

You are WELL on your way. From here? All you have to do is enter your providers, which is amazingly simple because we have nearly all of the providers and facilities in the United States already built into CareSync. So you just start to type in their name, and choose the right location, and you're done.

It takes less than a minute per provider. And if you don't want to enter the providers? That's okay, too. You'll get a call from your CareSync rep within a business day after signing up, and she (or he) will do that for you.

From there? You just digitally sign the records release authorization form, and voila, you've requested your records! Our CareSync reps have seen records come in on the same day, and sometimes it takes a few weeks, but on average, you'll be seeing your health history showing up in your CareSync account within a couple of weeks.

And, you have 60 days to enter if you remember one a couple of weeks later, or don't have time to gather all of the information? You've got 2 months to do it.

So. I've got all this do I access it?

CareSync has built some really amazing tools for you to access, organize, and share your health information. Everything is organized in a way that is easy to navigate, and even easier to share with the people who need access to it. CareSync is available online, and has free mobile applications for both iPhone and Android.

caresync for iphone

Whether you're on the web or on your mobile device, the combination of your past medical history and tools for organizing tasks, notes, questions, images, and documents makes each and every medical visit better. It's a bold statement (literally and figuratively), but so far, 100% of CareSync users relying on the Visit Manager tools within the application have reported better visits, that providers are thrilled that patients are equipped with information, and many have said that they've saved a lot of money. Like, a lot more than the $99 they paid to get started with CareSync.

So, please ask questions, leave comments, thoughts, little notes of endearment--whatever you'd like. We recognize this sounds too good to be true. But, we're not the unicorn** of health records. We've just built a solution that works. And we'd love the opportunity to show you how great it feels to be in control of your health information.

Here's one of my personal stories (click here) from earlier this year: having access to my information saved me money, got me out of the hospital faster which they were thrilled about since it was packed, saved my insurance company money, and I didn't have to repeat a not-so-fun test that I'd just done three weeks prior.

So, head on over to CareSync's site and get started getting you and your family's medical records. OH, and they make a fantastic holiday gift for the person who has everything. Or the person who doesn't have access to their complete medical record. Or anybody, really.

Take me to CareSync

*Oh, and use the promo code SAVE10and you can get them for $89!

** I totally refrained from putting an image of a unicorn in this blog post.

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