I'm the Dog's Caregiver, Too

Posted by Lisa Bond

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Mar 19, 2013 8:57:00 AM

Last week I got a whiff of my stinky dog while I was working on my family health records and realized it was past time to make his grooming appointment.  The groomer requires proof of immunizations, so I ran to the random drawer where I keep them.  It occurred to me that not only is Oddjob part of our family, I'm his caregiver.  

I grabbed the file and added him to my CareSync family health record.  He's got some strange allergies with violent gastric reactions, so I put those in first.  Then I scheduled his grooming appointments.  I scanned in his immunization records and his original papers.  I invited my husband to be a caregiver, too (I'm sure he was thrilled).   I can't wait to hit the Fax button to share his records with the kennel next time we go on vacation.  I love knowing that his vet appointment will be scheduled before we run out of flea treatments.  I love that all our tasks are in the same place and that we can share between family members.

And I love seeing his picture in our family list.

Oddjob Shrub

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