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Posted by Courtney Larned

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Apr 17, 2013 5:15:00 PM

One of our goals, since CareSync was just an idea, was to have a visit manager capability that allowed users to organize and document the moving parts around scheduling and participating in a healthcare appointment.  

The recent launch of our appointment functionality is a giant leap in that direction, and we are excited to show you how to add appointments, and the important information around them, to your CareSync account.

Click the Calendar icon to go to the Appointment Page.  Choose the type of appointment, date, and time.  Click next.

adding an appointment 

Choose one of the providers from your list, then click next.

appointments 2

Enter in the reason for the appointment, link it to an existing health condition, or associate it with one of the medications you've put in your CareSync account.  Click next.

appointments 3

Use the notes section to jot down things you need to remember, questions you want to ask, or your notes from the actual visit.  Hit save, and you have a list, organized by the date you added them. Now don't forget to pull up that list when you're at the doctor's office!

appointments 4

After your appointment, we recommend adding all of the relevant information from your appointment,  including your diagnoses, medications, and tasks.

And if all this documentation has you feeling overwhelmed, remember that we have a trained team of Health Assistants who will act on your behalf to collect, enter, and organize your health information in your CareSync account.   With this personalized service, your Health Assistant is a member of your Care Team and works for you to build your complete health record and to help you understand your health information. 


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