CareSync 101: Fax it to me!

Posted by Courtney Larned

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Apr 30, 2013 1:32:00 PM

Did you know that every CareSync user has the ability to send faxes of their medical records, directly the app?

Faxing? Does anybody still do that?

Yep. Faxing is how information tends to be shared in the medical world, and we promise you that this is actually quite cool.

Imagine you're sitting in an urgent care center. You've never been there before, but you're about to be treated for that nagging sore throat. From your phone, you're able to fax as much or as little of your record to this practice, and they now have all the necessary information for the medications you're taking, your allergies (sulfa careful!), and other important information that will help them as they diagnose you.

And you didn't have to write it all out. Or risk it being inaccurate.

Being able to provide that relevant content will help the provider make the right choices for you, and get you back to feeling like your regular self in no time!

If you're using CareSync on the web, you can fax your entire record, just one piece of content, or any level of detail in between. Just look for the little fax icon located in the top, right corner.

fax it to me!

On the iPhone, choose the content you want to share, and select the "share" icon to open your fax page. Type your own note for the cover page, hit "send fax", and it's on its way!

faxing from iPhone

While we hope you don't find yourself in an urgent care needing to use this feature any time soon, we've already found it to be quite useful for sharing documents, medication lists, health conditions and more. We hope that you agree!

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