CareSync User: CareSync Pays for Itself

Posted by Courtney Larned

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Jun 4, 2013 5:00:00 PM

I just received this email from a user who is already seeing some of the many benefits that come with a CareSync account.  Thank you for sharing your experience, Erin!

I've loaded my information into the CareSync application.  I love seeing everything in one place, but as my trial ended, I wondered whether the monthly fee would be worth it. 

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It was time to book my annual eye appointment to get my contact lens prescription renewed.  I added my doctor to my Provider list (CareSync filled in his specialty, address, and phone number), then booked my appointment. The office sent me the usual forms to complete, and I read that if I brought a recent prescription with the actual lens boxes, they would waive the fitting fee.  I already had all this in my Documents section of CareSync!  I simply clicked on the Fax button, and CareSync already knew the doctor's fax number. 

The savings at this one visit was $59, the amount of my annual Individual subscription.  I'm grateful to say that beyond the convenience and ability to manage my healthcare better than I've ever imagined, CareSync has provided actual monetary value.  

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