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Jun 11, 2013 11:00:00 AM

Your child's immunization know that little piece of paper that has all of your child's shots written on it?  That little piece of paper has driven this Dad crazy over the past few years. I can't keep track of it.  The immunization record is elusive and I never had a way to store it enabling me to have it when I need it. Until now.

I've needed it for a variety of things over the years for both of my daughters and every time, I have to contact my Dr. and have them fax me a new one. My children's pediatrician's office staff knows it's one of two things if I call:  1. I need their shot record. 2. I'm seeing when the next appointment is because I've forgotten...(That's a different story.)

CareSync Immunization Records

CareSync has solved my problem in a huge way. Look at the image to the left, my daughter's immunization record is stored inside CareSync.  Those jubliant noises you hear are the sounds coming from her peditrician's office.  I will never have to bother them again because of the little, yet so incredibly important, shot record.


CareSync allows you to upload your documents, securely store them, and access them when and where you need them. For this Dad, that is huge. With my CareSync family health record, I have eliminated the problem of "Where did I put that?"  It's on my phone, my laptop, my iPad...I've got no more excuses!

CareSync for iOS!


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