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Jun 24, 2013 10:30:00 AM


It was a random Tuesday and I had to take my daughter to her Dr. appointment because my wife couldn't.  My wife and I had discussed the questions to ask my daughter's specialist the night before.  There was a whole list of things that I needed to ask.  Being the man that I am, I didn't feel the need to write anything down.  

My wife insisted that I jot some notes down...I shook my head in disapproval and answered "I can memorize it.."

I sat in the specialist's room with my little girl playing on my lap.  I began to speak with the Dr. and as my wife called mind went blank. I couldn't recall a single question that my wife wanted me to ask.  I tried to remember all of the pertinent questions that I knew needed answers...but nothing.  So I tried to formulate my own questions but they weren't nearly as useful.  

So, I get home and of course she asked me how the appointment had gone.  I tried to explain, but my wife just cut her eyes at me and shook her head. I felt as if I just wasted an appointment with my daughter because I wanted to rely on my ability to retain information.  

CareSync Appointment Notes

Now that I have CareSync this won't be an issue any longer. Now when my daughter has an appointment I can:

  1. Enter the appointment into the Calender.

  2. Pick which provider the appointment is with.

  3. Insert the reason for the appointment.

  4. Add any important information into the note section.


CareSync Appointment Notes


CareSync makes the whole process "Dad Proof" and that is a very good thing. Now my wife has some piece of mind knowing that if I take our kids to the Dr. that I'll have it under control.  And, if I don't get all of the right questions to ask in there, she at least knows that she can be adding them in herself and I have access to them in real time.  It feels great to be in control of our family's health record.




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